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Let’s Be Mates – a podcast by the MATE team

Welcome to the Let’s Be Mates podcast.

After numerous requests, we’ve decided to start a Podcast! You will hear from the Mate Team (Faz, Dom and Bosco) each week about a wide range of topics from home networks to working from home to experiences from our mates in business.

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Season 1:

Episode 1: Let’s Be Mates

Episode 2: MATE – The customer happiness business

Episode 3: Drinks with Mates

Episode 4: Working at home with Mate

Episode 5: Home networking with TP-Link

Episode 6: Espresso Displays

Episode 7:

Episode 8: UFC – a metaphor for life

Episode 9:  XVenture, lifting the ceiling on individual and team thinking

Episode 10: Smartify, shop smarter

Episode 11: Clevertar – AI-driven conversations

Episode 12: It’s not Football. It’s LaLiga

Episode 14: Chisel, The Creative Production Agency

Episode 15: Popcar Car Sharing


Quickfire Series:

Episode 1: Ways to always keep your business as productive as possible

Episode 2: Customer acquisition strategies, truths & myths


Season 2:

Episode 18: Sole App – Accounting for sole traders

Episode 19: Codafication – Digital transformation at scale

Episode 20: The benefits of play on mental health with Sean Hall

Episode 21: Angus Kidman, Editor-in-Chief, Finder 

Episode 22: Dr Frank Chow – Workplace Mental Health

Episode 23: Sam Cawthorn, Australian motivational speaker, author & entrepreneur

Episode 24: Connected Fitness and Vitruvian with Jon Gregory

Episode 25: SEN with Craig Hutchison


If you have any ideas or feedback, please send them to [email protected]

See you soon mate!