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NBN address checker. If you want to know whether the nbn service is available at your home address, or what nbn technology is provided at your residence, you can enter your address into our address checker on the MATE nbn page. This will tell you whether or not the nbn service is available at your home, and what nbn technology you will have access to.

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nbn fibre to the node/basement

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No Worries
nbn 100/20
$85 $65 * /mth
*for the first 5 months, then reverts to $85/month
95 mbps
19 mbps
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(7pm to 11pm)
best plan for working from home (6+ users)
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high-definition (4K) video streaming
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no contracts, ever
unlimited data on all internet plans
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1 month money back guarantee

SAVE20 offer

Sign up using the promo code SAVE20 and activate a new Crikey nbn 25/10, No Worries nbn 100/20, You Beaut 100/40 or Fair Dinkum nbn 250/25 internet plan (‘eligible plans’) between 1 December 2023 and 30 June 2024 (‘promotion period’) then we will credit the invoice for the your nbn New Service with $20 (inclusive of GST) for each of its first five billing months ('promotional credit').

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1-month money back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your MATE nbn internet service during the first month of connection, we will provide a full refund of your plan fee.

terms & conditions

need a modem?

BYO modem or add our ready-to-go TP-Link VX230v modem when signing up ($165)

In most cases, our ready-to-go modem will arrive after your internet service is activated. More info here.

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frequently asked questions

unlimited nbn plans

With so many plans on the market, choosing the right internet provider can be a challenge. Enter MATE, your trusted nbn internet provider, revolutionising the internet landscape with our range of nbn broadband plans designed to suit all users, households, and budgets.

Our unlimited data plans are tailored to the modern Australian home, offering the ultimate balance of speed and affordability. No longer do you need to worry about data caps or slow speeds, our nbn broadband provides unlimited nbn internet access with speeds to match your needs. From basic 12Mbps for essential web browsing to super-fast 202Mbps for immersive gaming and streaming experiences—we’ve got you covered.

Unlike some other providers, MATE values your freedom and flexibility. We provide hassle-free, unlimited data nbn plans with no setup fees and most importantly, no lock-in contracts. This means you are free to change your home internet plans whenever you want without worrying about plan change fees or charges. Our home internet plans are designed to give you control over your internet usage and costs, providing you with the best nbn internet experience on the market.

What’s more, all our plans come with a money back guarantee. This means if you’re not entirely in love with your internet service within the first month, you’ll get all your money back if you cancel (terms and conditions apply). With no lock-in contracts, and a money-back guarantee, you can try MATE risk-free. That’s how confident we are in the satisfaction guarantee we bring to our customers. At MATE, we believe in providing a fast, cheap, and reliable nbn internet connection, making us the ideal choice as your home internet provider.

what nbn plan should I get?

Selecting the right nbn plan is a personal choice, influenced largely by your own internet needs. However, there are a few factors to consider, which could help make this decision easier.

First, you need to think about what kind of internet user you are. Are you a casual browser or a hardcore gamer? Do you stream videos in HD or are you happy with standard definition? Do you work from home and need a steady and strong internet connection for video calls and large file transfers? These are crucial questions as they will determine which of our nbn broadband plans will suit you best.

At MATE, we offer various nbn internet plans tailored to suit every kind of user. From the casual browser with our G’Day nbn 12/1 plan to the heavy user with our Fair Dinkum 250/25 plan

The G’Day plan is our cheapest plan, perfect for a household of 1 to 2 people, offering a typical evening speed of 12Mbps. Meanwhile, the Fair Dinkum plan is for those who want the fastest internet speeds available, providing a whopping 202Mbps during typical peak periods.

One of the most appealing things about choosing an nbn plan from MATE is that all of our plans come with unlimited data. That’s right—all our home internet plans offer unlimited data so you can browse, stream, and game to your heart’s content without worrying about hitting a data cap.

At MATE, we believe in flexibility and convenience for our customers. So, unlike some other internet providers, we don’t lock you into a contract. This means you can easily upgrade or downgrade your home internet plan depending on your data usage month-to-month.

When choosing an nbn plan, it’s also important to consider the added value services that come with it. At MATE, we don’t just provide you with an internet connection; we offer a dedicated Aussie support team, and no set-up fees. We’re confident you’ll love the MATE service.

At MATE, we offer more than just broadband plans. We also have internet + mobile bundles designed to save you money. If you choose to bundle your internet plan with a SIM only mobile plan on Australia’s Trusted Network, you can get $10/month off your internet plan.

In the end, the best nbn plan for you should align with your internet needs, offer great value, and come from an internet provider that has your best interests at heart. At MATE, we’re committed to providing all these and more. We’re not just another internet provider—we’re your mate.

what are the typical evening speeds of MATE’s internet plans?

G’Day 12/1 Plan:

Our G’Day 12/1 plan has a maximum download speed of 12Mbps and an upload speed of 1 Mbps. During typical busy periods, this plan provides a download speed of 12Mbps.

Crikey 25/10 Plan:

Our Crikey 25/10 plan has a maximum download speed of 25Mbps and an upload speed of 10Mbps. During typical busy periods, this plan provides a download speed of 25Mbps.

Ripper 50/20 Plan:

Our Ripper 50/20 plan takes full advantage of the nbn 50/20 speed tier, providing a maximum download speed of 50Mbps and an upload speed of 20Mbps. This plan ensures a download speed of 48Mbps during typical busy periods.

No Worries 100/20 plan:

Designed to utilise the nbn network’s Home Fast speed tier, our No worries 100/20 plan offers a download speed of 100Mbps and an upload speed of 20Mbps. This plan achieves a typical busy download speed of 95Mbps, allowing for uninterrupted internet usage during typical busy download periods.

You Beaut 100/40 plan:

Our You Beaut 100/40 plan offers a typical busy period download speed of 95Mbps, the same as the No Worries 100/20 plan. However, this plan doubles the upload speed to 40Mbps, making it ideal for online activities like sending large emails, playing tournament-style online games, and video calling via apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Fair Dinkum 250/25 plan:

Our Fair Dinkum 250/25 plan is the fastest nbn plan available, providing a maximum download speed of 250Mbps and an upload speed of 25Mbps. This plan achieves a typical busy download speed of 202Mbps, ensuring internet speeds remain fast and stable even during typical busy download periods.

what is the cheapest internet plan offered by MATE?

As a leading internet service provider, MATE offers a range of cheap internet plans to suit all budgets. Our Crikey 25/10 nbn plan is our most affordable option with a price tag of just $65 per month, and $55 if you bundle a mobile. Offering unlimited data and typical evening speeds of up to 25 Mbps, the Crikey plan is excellent for individuals and small households of 1-4 people. This plan is also a boon for on-campus students who are after a cost-effective internet plan that allows them to study while also enjoying music.

what is an nbn Home Phone Bundle?

An nbn Home Phone Bundle is a combination of an nbn internet plan and a home phone service. MATE offers the option to add a home phone to your nbn plans for an additional $9 per month. Our home phone bundle includes unlimited mobile, local, and national calls within Australia, making it an excellent option for those who still require a home phone service.

does MATE offer internet plans for businesses?

MATE currently focuses on providing residential internet plans. While we don’t offer specific business plans, our nbn plans with fast download and upload speeds can cater to the needs of small businesses, remote workers or home offices. Our unlimited data plans and flexible month-to-month contracts give businesses the freedom to choose the plan that best fits their needs and adjust as necessary without any extra fees.

how does the connection type affect my internet service?

There are seven types of connection involved with the Australian nbn. The first is known as Fibre to the Premises or FTTP. This type of connection includes a fibre optic connection between the fibre distribution hub and your premise, and is considered the fastest connection type available. You may experience speeds on your MATE nbn plan at a little lower if your home was not installed with an FTTP type connection.

The second type of connection type is known as Fibre to the Node or FTTN. This type of connection is a fibre optical cable which runs from the fibre distribution hub to a node in a residential street. The final connection between the street and your premises is a copper line, like your telephone cable. It’s still a super fast internet connection but speeds do vary between FTTP and FTTN connections. This is because copper line cables don’t quite have the bandwidth that fibre optic cables do so they conduct less energy – or, in this case, internet speed.

A similar type of connection is Fibre to the Basement or FTTB and applies to apartment buildings. It consists of fibre cable running from the distribution hub to your apartment building’s basement and from there it’s conducted through the apartment’s existing telephone infrastructure. If the apartment building is a little old then you can probably expect the internal cables to be copper telephone cable. Newer buildings usually have Ethernet cables, though, which deliver speeds closer to those you can expect from FTTP connections.

The final nbn connection that uses copper telephone lines is Fibre to the Curb or FTTC. This is like FTTN, but instead of a node the copper wiring starts at a telecommunications pit on the footpath in front of your house (also called a distribution point unit). Instead of hundreds or more metres, the copper cabling on an FTTC connection is often under 100 metres. As such, it’s much faster than FTTN.

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial or HFC, is also known as cable internet. This type of connection uses fibre optic cable most of the way to your house, after which coaxial cable finishes the journey. This differs to FTTB, FTTN and FTTC because coaxial cabling is a shielded copper technology. As such, it can transfer data more quickly and over longer distances without signal degradation. HFC also usually has a much shorter distance between you and where the fibre cabling terminates when compared to FTTN.

Finally, Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster satellite are wireless technologies used. MATE does not offer Sky Muster satellite, but we do offer Fixed Wireless services. Fixed Wireless is a technology that connects rural and regional areas to the nbn. Fixed Wireless uses ground-based base tower stations to provide a fixed wireless signal to your home. Fixed wireless essentially uses the same technology as the existing 4G mobile network in Australia from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Fixed Wireless cells are optimised for the number of users in each location and have dedicated fibre backhaul to the nearest point of interconnect (POI). Unlike Fixed Wireless, Sky Muster satellite on the other hand is another wireless service that delivers the nbn to homes and businesses in more remote areas of Australia, via two satellites. MATE does not offer Sky Muster satellite services, but we do offer Fixed Wireless services.

comparing internet service providers

With so many internet service providers in Australia all offering their own mix of features, finding a broadband provider that’s right for you can be a little overwhelming. MATE is here to help.

When you compare internet plans, it’s important to consider your internet usage needs, budget and T&Cs like contractual flexibility.

As a trusted Aussie internet provider, we understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer a range of nbn plans to suit all types of Aussie users. Whether you’re an occasional internet browser, a Netflix enthusiast or a die-hard gamer, we pride ourselves on offering some of the cheapest internet plans on the market. From the basic 12 Mbps you get with our G’Day plan to the lightning-fast 196 Mbps typical evening speed you can expect with our Fair Dinkum package, MATE gives you the plans that best suit your needs and budget.

Always striving to set ourselves apart from other internet providers, MATE offers a host of special features across all our nbn internet plans.

  • We don’t believe in lock-in contracts, which means you can switch plans or providers at any time without incurring any fees.
  • We also offer 100% Australian support, so you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with a team that understands your needs and concerns.
  • All our internet plans come with unlimited data, which means you don’t have to worry about running out of data or facing any additional charges.

So what are you waiting for? With no lock-in contracts, 100% Australian support, no plan change fees, unlimited data on all internet plans, it’s time to make the switch to MATE!

do I need a modem for my MATE internet plan?

Yes, you will need a modem to connect to the internet with a MATE plan. If you already have an nbn-ready modem, you can use it with our plans without any additional costs. If you don't have a compatible modem, we can provide our ready-to-go TP-Link VX230v modem when signing up for a one-time fee of $165. This way you get connected and enjoy super-fast download speeds in no time.

do I need to be home for the nbn technician to install the service?

If your home has already been connected to the nbn, there’s no technician required. We can simply transfer the service which can be as quick as a few hours, but may take up to 3 business days. If an nbn service hasn’t previously been connected to your property, then yes, you will need to be home for the nbn technician to install the service. The technician will need access to your property to install the nbn equipment, such as the nbn modem and nbn connection box. It’s important to make sure that someone over the age of 18 is present during the allocated four-hour time slot of your appointment. You are also entitled to express your preferences regarding the placement of the nbn equipment in your residence, as long as it works in that location based on an nbn standard installation.

how long does it take to get connected to the nbn service?

If your property hasn’t had an nbn connection before, the time it takes to get an activation appointment can vary from 9 to 19 business days depending on the workload of the nbn technicians and your property's readiness. But don’t worry, we always aim to secure the next available appointment, unless you specify otherwise.

If your property is already connected to the nbn network, then it’s likely we can activate your service within 1-3 business days once you’ve placed your order. However, please note that this may not always be possible as it depends on various factors like having the required equipment on-site and the type of nbn technology used at your property.

can I keep my existing phone number when switching to the nbn service?

As long as your landline number is currently active with another provider, we should be able to transfer it to MATE. Just be aware that the transfer process can take between 2 to 6 weeks to complete and it won’t begin until your nbn internet service is activated with us

It’s very important that you keep your landline phone number active with your current provider until we confirm the port is complete. If your provider cancels or disconnects your landline during the porting process, we won't be able to complete the transfer and you will lose your number.

Once your service is activated, you’ll need a compatible VoIP device or modem to use our nbn Phone service. Please note that we don’t offer support for configuring BYO VoIP devices.

can I bundle my nbn service with other services?

Yes! MATE takes the hassle out of staying connected by allowing you to bundle nbn internet plan and mobile plan in the one go.

We get it, having all your plans under one provider is super convenient! That’s why we offer a bunch of nbn + mobile packages to choose from. You can mix and match the plans that fit your lifestyle the best. If you’re curious about how to personalise your nbn + mobile package, head over to our nbn plans page or give our friendly Aussie customer service team a buzz at 13 14 13 today.

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