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how does your mobile bundle discount work?

Our mobile bundle deal means that a $10.00 discount will be applied to your internet service each month if there is an eligible SIM-only mobile service(s) on the account at the time of billing.

For example, our Ripper nbn 50/20 plan is normally $75 per month – if you add a MATE mobile service to the same account, a $10.00 discount will be applied, reducing the monthly nbn plan fee to $65 per month.

You can always add services to your account later and still obtain the bundle offer, too! For example, if you have nbn only, you can add a mobile to the account later to receive the bundle discount.

For existing accounts, the discount will apply to the first invoice that is issued once the mobile service has been activated.

If there are no active SIM-only mobile service(s) on the account, the discount ceases and the plan reverts to the standard monthly price.

We do not offer a further discount for adding more than one MATE mobile plan to the account. You can definitely sign up for more than one mobile plan per account, however, we only offer a flat $10 discount regardless of how many mobiles are added to the account.

If you are an existing customer and you wish to add a service to your account to bundle, you can now use our self-care portal or myMATE app to add a service to your account.

See more information about adding a mobile or adding an internet service.