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nbn™ Sydney

Welcome to MATE, your choice for Sydney’s best and most affordable nbn™ services. We offer a wide range of unlimited internet and phone plans to meet your needs. Check out our bundles and save even more.

Why nbn™?

The nbn™ offers faster, reliable broadband to Australian homes and businesses. This fibre-based technology provides improved speeds and delivers higher quality voice and data.

Whether you’re in Waverley or Wilberforce, our nbn™ plans allow you to connect to your favourite services. Use social media, use video conferencing apps, and stream content faster than ever before.

Keep your entire household connected. Watch TV, access YouTube, and read web content on multiple devices at once.

What Sydney packages are available?

At MATE, we offer several internet, phone, and mobile packages that address your needs. Our plans range from options for people who only need the internet for checking emails and going through social media, to massive nbn™ plans with blistering speeds, perfect for people who want to stream the latest episodes of shows like The Queen’s Gambit or The Crown on Netflix, or for gamers who want to play games like Warzone or World of Warcraft without interruption.


Bundle a 4G mobile plan with our nbn™ service. The mobile plan includes unlimited talk and text so you can stay connected from anywhere. The nbn plan is unlimited, which means you’ll never need to worry about not having enough data.

nbn™ only

Choose our nbn™ only plan if you want internet without a phone or mobile services. This plan offers unlimited data and doesn’t include add-ons.

nbn™+home phone

Bundle a home phone service with your nbn™ internet. This service includes unlimited local, national, and mobile calls.

How do I know which Sydney plan is right for me?

We offer several stand-alone and bundled plans at prices you can afford. Choose the one that works best for your household and budget.

nbn™ internet mobile plans start at $49 per month when bundled with a mobile plan starting at $20 per month. The minimum monthly fee for this bundle is $69.

No contract means no commitment and no worries. We also don’t charge a setup or plan change fee

good mates nbn™ 12/1

This plan is best for 1-2 mates who want basic internet browsing and social media without the extras. This plan includes uncapped data with a typical busy period download speed of 10 Mbps. As this is a smaller nbn™ plan, it’s great for the elderly who still communicate with the family through social media and email.

great mates nbn™ 25/5

This plan is best for 2-4 mates and is great for small families. Receive uncapped data and a typical busy period download speed of 19 Mbps. If you’re looking to browse the internet to look for some craft ideas to keep the kids entertained, this is the perfect plan for you.

best mates nbn™ 50/20

This plan is best for music streaming, HD video, and online gaming for 4-6 mates or larger families. Receive uncapped data and a typical busy period download speed of 42 Mbps. If you’re into streaming great new shows like Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun or if the kids enjoy games such as Battlefield or Warzone, then look no further than the best mates nbn™ plan.

soul mates nbn™ 100/20

This plan is best for 4K video, online gaming, and music streaming for 6+ mates. Receive uncapped data and a typical busy period download speed of 83 Mbps. Looking to watch the NRL Grand Final or the NBA Playoffs in beautiful high definition? Or you looking to play the latest online games on the latest hardware? The soul mates nbn™ plan is the plan for you.

How do I contact MATE?

Chat with us! We are keeping it local, mate. That means no offshore support and no lengthy phone queues.

Send an email to [email protected] or use our form to submit your query.