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unlimited national talk and text with heaps of data

hassle free setup

hassle free setup

BYO number or get a new one

unlimited data

unlimited national talk & text

say goodbye to excess call fees

no lock-in contracts

no lock-in contracts

change your mind? no worries

good mates 1GB

+ $10 SIM delivery
Telstra 4G network

1GB data

great mates 10GB

+ $10 SIM delivery
Telstra 4G network

10GB data

best mates 20GB

+ $10 SIM delivery
Telstra 4G network

20GB data

soul mates 30GB

+ $10 SIM delivery
Telstra 4G network

30GB data

unlimited calls
to standard national numbers

unlimited SMS & MMS
to standard Aussie numbers (video MMS excluded)

1GB data bolt on
$10 per 1GB

*mobile pricing is for a SIM only mobile plan. these services are only available with an active nbn™ or ADSL internet service which is an additional monthly cost. SIM card will not be dispatched until there is an active nbn™ or ADSL internet service on an account. price includes GST. download our mobile CIS.


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No Lock-In Contracts no contracts, ever

Unlimited Data unlimited national talk & text

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mobile – international call charges
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mobile – price table summary

This is the summarised MATE mobile price table


Increments (Calls) Per 60 seconds
Increments (Data) Per Kilobyte (kB)
Standard Text Message (SMS) 160 characters

call pricing

Emergency Calls (000, 112) Free within Australia
1800 Numbers Free within Australia
13/1300 Numbers Free within Australia
1100 Dial Before You Dig Free within Australia
19 Numbers (Special Services) Disabled – Not Available
Directory Assistance (1223) Flagfall $0.95 + $0.05 per minute
Call Forwarding Australia $0.55 per minute
Call Forwarding International Charged at International Call Rates
National Video Calling Flagfall $0.33 + $0.88 per minute
International Video Calling Flagfall $0.44 + $1.48 per minute
Telstra Mobile Satellite Flagfall $0.39 + $1.20 per minute
Optus MobileSat Flagfall $0.36 + $1.98 per minute

other pricing

Voicemail Retrieval Free within Australia
National Fixed Line Calls Free within Australia
National Mobile Network Calls Free within Australia
Flagfall Free within Australia
National SMS Free within Australia
International SMS $0.75 per SMS
SMS to 13/1300 $0.11 per SMS
SMS to 18/1800 $0.11 per SMS
Premium SMS (e.g. to 1-900 numbers) Disabled – Not Available
SMS to Telstra Mobile Satellite  [014710, x1, x2, x4, x5, x6] $0.50 per SMS
SMS to Optus MobileSat  [01451, x2, x3] $0.50 per SMS
National MMS Free within Australia
National Video MMS $0.77 per MMS
International MMS $0.75 per MMS
International Video MMS $0.77 per MMS
MMS Telstra Mobile Satellite  [014710, x1, x2, x4, x5, x6] $0.77 per MMS
MMS Optus MobileSat  [01451, x2, x3] $0.77 per MMS
Excess data $10.00 per 1GB up to a maximum of 5GB, then capped



estimated data usage

The amount of data you will use depends on what services/features you access on your MATE mobile service. Some types of files or features use a lot of data. These include:

  • downloading music, photos, movies and software;
  • software updates;
  • streaming video (such as YouTube);
  • playing mobile games online;
  • sending emails with large files attached (such as video, music or picture files);
  • uploading – such as loading photos and videos onto your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • video and voice calling.

Knowing how much data different activities, like emailing, browsing the internet, and streaming video or audio content use can also help you to keep your data use in check. See an example below:



approximate data used

Sending or receiving 40 emails without attachments 2 MB
Visiting 5 different web pages 2 MB
Browsing Facebook for 10 minutes 3 MB
Streaming 10 minutes of audio content 10 MB
Streaming 10 minutes of video on YouTube (standard definition) 70 MB
Making a 10 minute call on Skype (standard not video) 10 MB
Uploading 10 photos 40 MB


MATE ABN 33 165 670 413 uses parts of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile network. See coverage map