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Saving with no-contract mobile sims

Because of recent events, there has never been a better time to start saving in all aspects of your life. This is especially true for mobile plans, as people can often end up locked in lengthy phone contracts, which results in you spending heaps of money for mobile phone services that you barely use. Only when your contract expires will you finally be able to contact your service provider to discuss changing contracts.

If you’re looking to get out of the cycle on being on a mobile phone contract, look no further than a no-contract mobile SIM card. Having a no-contract mobile SIM card comes with a range of benefits that might be just what you need in order to save some money and have some flexibility during these uncertain times. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the benefits that you can get from having a no-contract mobile SIM card, so you can see whether getting off that restrictive contract and onto something a bit more flexible is right for you.

Saving you money

The first, and perhaps most important benefit of having a no-contract mobile SIM card is that they’re designed to save you a lot more than you would if you were on a contract for a SIM card. This is primarily because most mobile phone contracts are designed to lock you into an agreement that is extremely difficult to get out of. As well as this, a mobile phone contract may come with a whole list of added features that you may not have any use for, but you’ll still have to pay for.

This is especially true if you’re either data sharing or if you have multiple devices under the one plan. If you’re data sharing, you’ll be sharing your data pool with the other people on your plan, which means that you may need to make sure that your data is being distributed evenly amongst those on the plan, otherwise you might end up not having data to use for yourself, and you’ll still have to pay the monthly price that’s been agreed upon in the contract.

Having multiple devices under the one plan also causes a lot of issues if you’re on a contract as well. Although there’s no risk of you suddenly running out of data like there is with data sharing, you still have to pay for multiple devices, each with their own individual amount of data to use each month. As your plan continues, the cost of paying for data for a number of phones can really begin to add up.

Phone Happy

If you’re looking to save money and get away from phone contracts, try setting your phone up with a no-contract SIM card. Having a no-contract SIM card allows you to be as picky as you want when it comes to choosing from deals and service providers because you can just change service providers whenever you want. As a result, there are a number of service providers who will often provide you with a range of useful benefits when you sign up to one of their no-contract plans, such as unlimited talking and texting, to encourage you to stay with them. If you’d like to learn more about how you can save a lot of money by switching to a no-contract mobile SIM card, check out one of the informative articles that we wrote on the benefits of switching to a no-contract mobile SIM card.

At MATE, we’ve got a number of no-contract mobile SIM card deals available, with each being designed to suit different lifestyles. If you’re not looking for a lot of data, why not consider our Good Mates 12GB mobile plan? Or, if you’re on the go for work, maybe our Soul Mates 150GB 5G plan is for you, helping you stay connected faster than ever! If you’d like to learn more about our mobile plans, or how our team can help you, check out our mobile plans page or give our friendly, all-Aussie customer service team a call on 13 14 13 today.

Easily upgrade handsets

Are you dealing with an outdated handset that doesn’t have any of the features or technology that you need? Or do you have a phone that’s been damaged beyond repair and you quickly need a new one? If you’re stuck on a phone contract, you may be stuck with your old phone until the contract expires. This is because mobile phone contracts will come with a phone, which in some instances, can actually make up the majority of your monthly bill.

But, what if you like to keep up to date with the latest in mobile phone technology, or if you’re sick of trying to make the most of your broken and outdated handset? a no-contract phone SIM might be the option for you. As you’re not tied down to a single handset because of a contract, you can change to whatever phone you want. A no-contract mobile SIM card allows you to either downgrade to an older model if you’re having difficulties with any of the newer models or upgrade, so you can have access to the top of the range in mobile phone technology.


At MATE, we know how great it feels to be able to be able to pick and choose whatever phone you want to use. That’s why every single one of our mobile plans, from our Good Mates 12GB data plan, all the way up to our Soul Mates 150GB 5G plan don’t have any contracts, allowing to change to whatever phone you like, whenever you want.

Complete flexibility with plans

Are you looking to save money during these uncertain times? Because of the drastic ways that peoples can change, it can always help to have a bit of flexibility in your life, so you can either save some money or get more out of a service or product. One area where flexibility is extremely useful is in your mobile plan. However, if you’re on a contract, you’ll be locked into a contract, which removes the flexibility that has become so useful recently.

If you’re for complete flexibility within your mobile plan, there’s no looking past signing up for a no-contract mobile SIM card. But what does this increased flexibility allow you to do? Haven’t been using your mobile data as often? Downgrade your plan so that you can start saving some money. Or have you been using your phone to stream movies and check social media sites more often than usual? Upgrade your plan in order to avoid those nasty excess charges. Without a contract to hold you down, you can easily change your mobile plan to make sure that it still suits your lifestyle and its changes.

If you’re tired of paying for services or features that you don’t need, start cutting back on the unnecessary expenses by getting into a no-contract mobile SIM plan. At MATE, we’ve got a range of mobile plans for you to choose from, with each made to work with a number of different lifestyles. And of course, all of our mobile plans come with no contracts, which means that you can opt out and change your plan whenever you like, giving you the complete flexibility that you deserve.

Plus, we now offer eSIM on all mobile plans!

An eSIM is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a mobile plan from your service provider without having to use a physical SIM card. This means you can activate much quicker, without waiting for your SIM to arrive in the mail.

Opting out whenever you like

Stuck on a contract plan that you’re just itching to get out of? If you’re on a contract for your mobile phone, getting out of it may be harder than you first think. People will often choose to cancel their phone contracts for one of two reasons: they’re looking to use one of the later phones on the market, or they’re disappointed with the service that their current provider offers.

Before just opting out of a contract with your current provider, you must first know that your contract will come with agreed upon cancellation fees, which, depending on the provider and how long you’ve been on your current contract for, can result in some rather expensive cancellation fees. This can make you think again about cancelling your contract in the first place.


If you want a new phone, one way that you could grab a new phone is to sell your current phone and use the money from the sale to purchase your desired phone outright.

However, if you’re having issues with your current service provider, opting out if you’re on a contract is a lot more difficult. You could either pay the exorbitant cancellation fees in order to get out of the contract or you could attempt to resolve any of the issues that you’re having with your current service provider. By resolving any issues that you have with your current service provider, not only are you fixing any issues that you’re having with your phone plan, but you’re also allowing your service provider to develop a better understanding about your lifestyle and what you’re looking for in a mobile phone plan.

Of course, these two rather expensive issues can be avoided entirely by signing up to a no-contract mobile SIM plan. As there’s no contract to lock you down to one plan for a number of months, you’re free to change to whatever plan and provider that you want, without having to pay any cancellation fees. If you’ve just forced your way out of a contract by paying cancellation fees or your contract has just expired and you’re searching for a more flexible phone plan, look no further than the range of mobile plans provided by the team at MATE. At MATE, we’ve got a number of phone plans that are designed to work with a number of different lifestyles, so you know that we’ve got the plan for you. As well as this, all of our plans are without contracts, so you can breathe easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about being locked into a contract and are free from those dreaded cancellation fees. If you’d like to learn a bit more about how having a no-contract mobile SIM card can benefit you, check out our mobile plans page, or give our friendly and experienced customer service team a call on 13 14 13 today.

Quality customer service

If you’re currently on a no-contract mobile plan, you may notice that there is a benefit that’s related to being able to the freedom of being able to change providers whenever you want. Being locked into a contract means that regardless of the service that your provider offers, you have to continue with the contract unless you want to pay those dreaded cancellation fees. So, if even that service begins to deteriorate, you’re stuck with your current provider until your contract has expired.

However, being in a no-contract mobile plan mean that you’re free to move between providers whenever you like. Providers that offer no-contract mobile plans are aware of this, and will always aim to provide you with the highest quality customer service in order to keep you from shopping around and going with other service providers. When your plan is with MATE, you can breathe easy knowing that we pride ourselves on providing consistent and high-quality customer service to all of our customers. Our team has many years of experience in helping both new and existing customers, so you know you’re in good hands when you’re speaking to our customer service team. If you’d like to know more about how our customer service team has helped thousands of MATE customers, or if you’d like to enquire about our range of mobile plans, get started by visiting our mobile plans page or give our friendly, all-Aussie customer service team a call on 13 14 13 today.

These are just a few of the many different reasons as to why you should get out of that phone contract as soon as possible and consider looking a brand new, no-contract phone plan. Without being restricted by contracts, you’re completely free to get rid of data, add more data, change handset and change provider, all at a moment’s notice. If you’re looking for an added level of flexibility within your life, then a no-contract mobile plan is for you.

If you’re considering setting yourself up with a no-contract mobile plan, or if you’ve recently left a contract-based plan and are looking to get away from the hassle associated with contract-based phone plans, look no further than a no-contract mobile phone plan from the team at MATE.


At MATE, we’ve got a range of mobile phone plans that are guaranteed to suit your lifestyle. Staying at home and not using mobile data very often? Sign up to our Good Mates 12GB plan and start using the money you’d use on your phone bill for other things. Or perhaps you’re the type of person who’s out and about for work for most of the day? Then maybe our Soul Mates 150GB 5G plan is the right plan for you. As well as having a number of plans, you can also have peace of mind knowing that our plans, even 5G, all come with a range of benefits as standard, such as not having contracts, to provide you with flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as well as having unlimited talking and texting to all local numbers, which means no unexpected excess charges and the ability to keep in contact with as many people within Australia as you like during these uncertain times.

No matter what plan you’re looking for, you can rely on MATE to help you find the 4G mobile plan or 5G mobile plan that will best suit you. So, if you’re looking for a no-contract mobile phone plan, check out our mobile plan page or give our friendly customer service team a call on 13 14 13 today.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions about the nbn™

How does the nbn installation into my home or business work?

The installation of the nbn network into your home or business is designed to be as efficient and comfortable as possible. If you’re having the nbn network installed directly into your home for the first time, you will more than likely need to have someone over the age of 18 to invite the installer into the home and sign off on the installation work that they do.

In most cases, you’ll need to work with the installer based on standard installation requirements in order to find the best spot for your device to be installed (if applicable) – an area that’s easy for you to access as well as an area where the technician can easily connect your device to the premises connection device outside. Depending on the connection type, if no physical device is required (such as for an FTTN/FTTB connection) the nbn network will be established via a standard telephone wall socket.

What nbn plan is right for me?

At MATE, we have a number of nbn plans that are designed to suit a range of different lifestyles. Do you have a small family? Try out our Crikey 25/10 plan, offering a typical busy period download speed (7pm-11pm) of 25Mbps and designed for sending emails, browsing, streaming music and video content. Or are you looking for a high-speed plan with unlimited data? Then maybe our Fair Dinkum 250/25 plan designed for 6 or more people, with a typical busy period download speed of 202Mbps. No matter what you need the internet for, you can guarantee that MATE has the nbn plan to suit you.

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that not only is your internet speed affected by the type of plan that you have, it’ll also be affected by the type of connection that you have to the nbn network. For example, if you have a plan that provides you with a typical busy period download speed of 48Mbps (Mbps) but you’re connected to the nbn network via FTTN technology, your average internet speed may be slightly slower.

As well as this, there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration when judging your internet speed. This can include location, distance from Fixed Wireless position (primarily applies to rural/inland internet users), quality of devices and many more factors. Please consider that these factors can have a significant impact on your overall impact speed, even if you’ve just purchased and have a high-speed nbn network connection to your home.

Who will be getting access to the nbn network?

Quite simply, the nbn network aims to give high-speed internet connections to every single home and business in Australia. nbn™ hopes to achieve this goal of providing quality internet across Australia, so you can utilise the entirety of the internet at high speed, no matter where you are in the country.

The government have completed most of the nbn rollout. So you should already have an active nbn connection, or it should be available for installation now. You’ll need to take into consideration how you’ll be receiving the nbn network, as there are a number of ways that you’ll be connected.

Who will be getting access to the nbn™ network?

If you want to know how you’re connected to the nbn network, there’s a very easy way to find out. On the MATE website, we have all the locations where the nbn network is available, and how it’s been made available. Before you select one of our many nbn plans, you’ll be asked to enter your address and see if your home or business is connected to the nbn network and how it’s been or will be connected to the nbn network. With this information, you’ll be able to determine what type of nbn plan will best suit your home or business.

What do I need to do to be prepared for the nbn network?

As the nbn network is rolled out, it has replaced the existing copper telephone infrastructure, which means that services that once existed on this infrastructure have been terminated. For any existing property, you shouldn’t need to make any changes to your home for nbn to install its infrastructure, most internal changes will be managed by nbn, with some exceptions. However, for a new property, you may need a private technician to provide trench & conduit for a technician to install fibre cabling.

Thankfully, preparing your phones and internet using appliances for the nbn network is incredibly easy. Simply call an nbn provider like MATE and talk to them about what plan would best suit your lifestyle. At MATE, we’re all about delivering value and connecting you smoothly. If you want your devices on the nbn network as soon as possible, check out our range of high-quality, high-speed nbn plans on our website, or you can live chat with us online or email us at [email protected].

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