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discover why more Aussies are choosing a provider you can trust like a mate

building connections that really matter

our mission at MATE is that we are the everyday people (just like you), providing products and services consumers need, delivered with the value and service they deserve.

at MATE, we want a connection with you that goes beyond supplying you with a service. we don't want a friendship based around rules or regulations, so we are committed to having no lock-in contracts and offering unlimited data on all of our internet plans. we won't charge you any connection or set-up fees, and you won't pay anything if you want to change your plan. this is how we do business with our mates!


no contracts, ever


unlimited data on all internet plans


award winning Aussie support


no plan change fees

customer service drives everything we do

MATE is 100% Australian owned, and our award-winning customer service centre is based right here in your backyard. we employ local staff with a passion for providing phenomenal customer service.

we call ourselves a “customer happiness” business that happens to sell telecommunications products!

People Black Dog Institute

experience #matesrates like never before

a core focus of MATE is all about offering as much value and service as possible to our mates - you, our customers.

we will call this Mates Rates and with this focus we will continue deliver value because you chose us as your service provider. we don’t take that lightly, thanks mate!

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music streaming
service, on us

when you connect a selected MATE mobile plan*

stop paying for the things you love, like your music, let MATE take care of that for you. A TIDAL Premium music subscription service is included on selected mobile plans. yeah mate!

*terms and conditions apply
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