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activate your SIM

  • SIM details
  • your details
  • keep your mobile number or get a new one?

1. the new SIM card that was sent to you by MATE

2. your current MATE code/account number

before you begin

If you are transferring (porting) an existing mobile number, DO NOT PUT THE MATE SIM CARD IN YOUR PHONE YET! Your existing SIM card with your current provider will continue to work even after this activation form is submitted

to make sure your activation goes smoothly, you will now need:

1. your MATE account number (or what we like to call your MATE code)

2. your new MATE SIM card

3. your existing mobile provider’s account number (if you are currently on a postpaid mobile plan and bringing your mobile number to MATE)

your new SIM

the SIM card number is printed on the SIM card that you would have received in the post. The SIM card number is nine (9) digits long, and for example, looks like 4649 1234 5N. When entering the SIM card number below, please exclude the letter at the end.

sim card

1SIM details