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what do I need to transfer my mobile number to MATE?

Once you have signed up for a MATE mobile service and you have received your SIM card, you will need to login to our myMATE app or self-care portal and visit the “my orders” section.

You can choose to keep your existing mobile number or opt to receive a brand-new mobile number at this point.

To make sure your activation goes smoothly:

  • You’ll need your MATE account number (or what we like to call your MATE code)
  • If you want to bring your existing mobile number across to MATE, make sure you have your existing mobile provider’s account number handy (you should find that somewhere on the bill with your current provider).
  • If the mobile number you wish to bring across to MATE is a prepaid service, you won’t have an account number – you’ll just need the date of birth (DOB) recorded with the current provider of that mobile number.
  • If you’re not sure whether your existing mobile number is a postpaid or prepaid service, you can check with your current provider. On a postpaid mobile plan, your provider will send you a bill every month and you’ll have an account number. On a prepaid mobile plan, you pay upfront and “recharge” your account when your credit runs out, or the period expires.
  • If you choose to bring your existing mobile number across to MATE, DO NOT cancel with your current mobile provider. If you cancel your mobile number prematurely, you will lose your mobile number and we will not be able to keep this number.
  • If you choose to bring your existing mobile number across to MATE, once you’ve clicked the “activate” button, DO NOT PUT THE MATE SIM CARD IN YOUR PHONE IMMEDIATELY. You will know your mobile service is active with MATE when the SIM card with your previous mobile provider no longer works – you will also receive an SMS and email confirming that your mobile number has successfully ported (transferred) to MATE.
  • Once the port (transfer) of your mobile number to MATE has been completed, only then would we suggest contacting your current provider – this is just to make sure they stop billing you for your mobile service.

Once connected, your mobile service will be provided by MATE on a month-to-month basis until you request to cancel.

Once active, your MATE mobile service will have a number of features you can access by dialling specific codes on your mobile handset keypad.