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how do I check my mobile data usage?

There are three ways to check your mobile data usage, including any available data in your data bank

  1. Download the myMATE app on your iPhone or Android device;
  2. Log into the MATE self-care portal online;
  3. Dial the following sequence on your mobile phone: *159# and then press SEND/CALL

All MATE mobile plans are month-to-month postpaid services, NOT prepaid. You do NOT recharge a MATE mobile plan.

The monthly data allocation of a mobile plan resets on your billing cycle date each month. If you are unsure of your billing cycle date, it is shown on the first page of your monthly invoice as “issue date”.

If you exceed your monthly included mobile data, and any data remaining in your data bank, your data will be capped and no more mobile data will be available until you roll over into the next billing month.

You will be sent SMS alerts in near real-time when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your Monthly Data allowance.