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what is data banking?

All MATE mobile plans come with data banking so you can keep your unused data each month!

how does data banking work?

Let’s say you are on our 40GB mobile plan – in this case, you would start your monthly cycle with 40GB of data. At the end of the month, you’ve only used 20GB of your allocated data.

Instead of losing the remaining 20GB of mobile data, it will effectively get added to your “bank” for when you need it.

You would now have a total of 60GB of data (40GB for this month + 20GB of “banked” data from last month).

The amount of data you can bank varies depending on your plan.

Any data in your data bank is forfeited if your mobile plan is downgraded. Banked data only remains if your mobile plan remains the same or is upgraded.

To check any available data in your data bank, you can dial the following sequence on your mobile phone:

*159# and then press SEND/CALL

MATE Mobile Data Banking

how MATE mobile data banking works