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can I transfer my existing mobile number?

Yes, you can retain your existing mobile number if you switch to MATE!

You do so via a self-activation process which you can complete online once you receive your MATE SIM card(s).

Please note that we don’t require the detail of your existing mobile number when you sign up with MATE.

To retain an existing mobile number, this needs to be active with another provider, and you will need to confirm the following details when activating your mobile SIM:

  • Whether the mobile number you wish to retain is a prepaid or postpaid mobile service;
  • The carrier (provider) the mobile number is currently active with, e.g. Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc.;
  • The date of birth (if prepaid) or the account number (if postpaid) registered with the current carrier (provider) of the mobile number.