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Let’s Be Mates Podcast – Connected Fitness and Vitruvian

In this episode, we are talking with Jon Gregory, the founder of Vitruvian.

Vitruvian have recently launched their first product, the V-Form trainer. The idea was born out of Jon’s background working with algorithms – he believed there was a better way to do resistance training and set about creating a product to do just that.

Just like us at MATE, we believed there was a better way to sell home internet to customers and provide them with a better product and service than they had always been accustomed to. 2020 was a year where the home health and fitness market boomed and Vitruvian are well placed to take advantage of this. We discuss the challenges of launching a global fitness business from the ground up, the lessons learned along the way and how the world of fitness is changing into the future.

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