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nbn™ fibre to the node/basement

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frequently asked questions

internet plans

Trying to find the best internet plans used to be a struggle. Most plans are designed to be confusing, restrictive, and trying to lock you in for the long-term. Then came MATE. All our plans feature unlimited data and no contract to give you plenty of internet options to choose from.

Don’t want a long commitment? No worries. You are free to change plans or providers whenever you want, with no plan change fees or charges. Our month to month plans are fast and cheap and give you the best internet connection available.

Choose from the best nbn plans with the speed that suits you. MATE offers unlimited internet plans. For nbn, it depends on the availability in your area. But, best of all, Mate offers free nbn transition. If nbn isn’t available in your area yet, you can switch over for free once it is connected.

what is nbn™ internet?

nbn is the National Broadband Network, which is an Australian national wholesale open-access data network project. nbn is owned and operated by the Australian Government. It is an ongoing project which is being rolled out across Australia and is necessary to provide high-speed broadband access to customers.

In most cases, nbn is replacing the older adsl internet. adsl stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and was a type of broadband internet connection. It used copper-wiring to send data directly over a phone line to your home. adsl internet supported maximum speeds of 20Mbps when receiving (downloading) data. When sending (uploading) data, adsl supported maximum speeds of 1Mbps.

is nbn™ better than adsl?

It can be confusing to know whether nbn is better than adsl internet plans are better. No need to worry mates, the short answer is nbn is significantly better than adsl.

adsl2+ had maximum downloads speeds of 20 Mbps when it was available. However, for most customers, the speed never came close. This was due to factors like the quality and condition of the copper phone lines. As well as how far the home or business was from the local telephone exchange.

MATE offers nbn plans which have lightning fast speeds of up to 208 Mbps, even during typical busy periods. Switch over to nbn and compare the difference for yourself.

nbn™ plans

MATE offers hassle-free nbn unlimited internet plans with great rates and no contract month to month plans. We believe in providing great packages for everyone, which is why we have designed cheap nbn plans to suit the needs of all users and budgets.

Select from straight forward choices between the typical busy period download speed (7pm-11pm). Prices start from $59 per month for 19 Mbps and go up to $99 per for the ultra-fast 208 Mbps streaming speed – ideal for gamers.

Whichever data plan you choose, you receive unlimited data and are uncapped for life, seriously. We’ve got your back mate. We don’t ever charge our customers a hidden cost, or cap your download speed – between mates there is no lengthy contract needed.

what nbn plan should I get?

With plenty of internet plans packages to choose from, there is the right option for every household.

Will only 2 – 4 people using the broadband plan at the same time, while you stream TV? If so, then our great mates nbn 25/5 plan might be all that you need.

Do you have a larger family, who will be using multiple screens and devices at once? If so, it’s recommended to go for one of our higher plans, such as ‘best mates nbn 50/20’ which provides up to 42 Mbps typical busy period download speeds (7pm-11pm), or ‘nbn Home Fast or Home Fast+, both of which offer 83 Mbps typical busy period download speeds. If you want the fastest available, then our Home Superfast plan offers blistering speeds of up to 208 Mbps during the typical busy periods.

Besides unlimited data, there is also $0 set up fee for MATE internet plans, if you provide your own nbn ready modem. No worries if you don’t have one, we can send you one for a one-time cost of $165, and have you online with super fast downloads speeds in no time.

If you find yourself needing faster speeds, you can easily switch to a faster plan, to give you the best value. You can also choose from one of our nbn + home phone bundles.

Add a home phone to your nbn plans for an extra cost of $9 per month. It includes unlimited mobile, local, and national calls within Australia.

Also, there’s no contract between mates, and no plan change fees, giving you total flexibility for month to month plans.

Mates don’t try to trick mates. Which is why we explain everything in plain English, and clearly explain our nbn packages. Also, if you need a hand, our all Aussie based support team is standing by to help.

adsl internet plans

MATE is no longer providing new adsl internet plans. Over the last decase, nbn has been rolling out the national broadband infrastructure project to all Australians that is replacing the older adsl network.

mobile phones bundles

MATE offers a variety of different bundles, which gives you total flexibility to do things your way. You can choose to bundle your nbn internet connection with one of our mobile plans.

Our mobile network plans let you get chatty with unlimited national talk and text, with no lock-in contracts. Starting from $20 per month with 10GB of data.

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