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Top 10 tips for working from home in 2023

Thanks to our changing world today, many people are now needing to work away from the office.

We’ve put together our top tips to help you stay focused and productive!

1. Set up a functional workstation

A sturdy desk and a supportive, comfortable chair are essential. Your back will thank you! Avoid lounging on the couch, where you’re likely to lose focus. Choose a private space with good lighting – bonus points if there’s natural light!

The Ultimate Home Office Checklist

2. Get reliable internet for all those downloads

Choose the right home internet plan for your needs. Set up your router in a central place for the best Wi-Fi results or connect your computer using an Ethernet cable for optimum performance.

Use a mobile hotspot with your smartphone as a backup option. If you have spotty Wi-Fi coverage in your home, our team can come to you, assess the internet throughout your home and offer solutions to improve your experience – just ask us!

3. Stay social, digitally

In a virtual work environment, you can use chat platforms and a webcam to stay connected with your colleagues. Just like you’d FaceTime a family member over a long distance, you’ll feel less isolated using tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

4. Create your atmosphere

Some people like to work in absolute silence behind a closed door. Others draw inspiration with a set of headphones and some tunes from a music streaming service like TIDAL, Spotify or Apple Music. We recommend turning the TV off, as this can be distracting.

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5. Remove distractions

Constant notifications from your personal mobile phone can be disruptive – social media junkies beware! A cluttered desk can make your mind wander too. Don’t procrastinate tasks with house chores like that growing pile of laundry. Ask yourself, “would I be doing this while I’m at the office?”

6. Have a daily plan

Stick to a set routine and plan out your goals each day, working through them methodically with short breaks. You can use project management platforms like Asana, Trello or Microsoft Planner, and set up digital reminders on your device. Of course, the old-fashioned paper to-do list can work just fine too!

7. Dress for success

Start each day fresh by replacing your pyjamas with respectable, clean clothes. Maintaining a healthy hygiene routine also goes with the territory! These simple practices will keep you alert, helping your body distinguish between work and relaxation time so they aren’t blended together.

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8. Keep moving

Everyone needs a break once and a while! Get up from your desk occasionally to have a stretch, venture into the backyard for some sunshine and take a lunch break to clear your head. Take a walk around the block when you need a diversion from being inside or use online workout tools to stay fit on a rainy day.

9. Look after your health

Just like keeping active, it’s important to eat nutritious meals and avoid snacking on junk food throughout the day. Get a good night’s sleep and if you’re ever feeling sick, be sensible and take time off work if you need to!

10. Make sure your tech is dependable

Your computer will stay reliable when given a little “TLC”. Consider a data backup solution, keep your software and operating system updated and make sure you install virus protection.

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