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TIDAL: How to redeem your code (New TIDAL Subscriber)

Mobile, TIDAL | 15 December 2020

Once your eligible mobile service is active with MATE, you will receive a code to redeem and activate your TIDAL HiFi music subscription via email within 24 hours.

Follow these simple steps to get started once you have your voucher code.

Click here if you already have an existing TIDAL account.


How to redeem your TIDAL voucher

Go to the TIDAL redemption page:

Redeem 1

Type in your voucher code and press  “Continue”

Redeem 2

Select the plan and press “Continue” (your HiFi plan will already be pre-selected for you)

Redeem 3

Enter your email address, or complete the sign-up using your Facebook account login.

You can now download the TIDAL app through your mobile app store – Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) – and log in.

You can also access TIDAL via your web browser – simply visit and log in.

TIDAL music streaming subscription via voucher code is included on selected mobile plans*

* For full terms and conditions of this offer, visit