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7 HDTV benefits and why you need one in your house

Technology has come a long way over the last few decades.

Today’s HDTVs include more features and a better viewing experience than ever before – making now the best time to trade in that junky old set in your living room for a much newer model.
Here are seven HDTV benefits and why you need one in your home.

Benefit #1: Improved colour quality

One of the most popular HDTV benefits is the increase in vivid colour, including a wider range of hues. That means you can really see the bright colours of tropical fish while watching a nature documentary or the bold green colour of grass across a sports field. This improved process also prevents bleeding at the edges, which can be a common issue with older television sets.

Benefit #2: Wide screen viewing

Another HDTV benefit is a wider screen view. Older sets only have a 4:3 image ratio which can cut the picture off in awkward spots. Typical HDTVs feature a 16:9 wide-screen format, with some

4K versions being even larger. This is similar to what you enjoy in movie theatres, giving you a better experience – especially if you enjoy skipping the lines and waiting until you can watch your favourite action flicks at home.

Benefit #3: Better clarity and detail

Another reason to add an HDTV to your home? Increased resolution for better clarity and detail. In fact, HDTVs have over five times the resolution capabilities, allowing you to pick up all of those fine details you would otherwise miss, like the dreamy colour blue of your favourite actor’s eyes or the sweat dripping off your favourite player’s forehead as they score a goal.

Benefit #4: No more bulky furniture

Thin frames and light materials make flat-screen HDTVs ideal for mounting to the wall. This eliminates the need for bulky stands or heavy furniture taking up your living space. Just think, more room for that plush sofa or reclining chair you’ve been dreaming about!

Benefit #5: Great for watching live events

Another fantastic HDTV benefit is that it is better for watching live events. Most television cameras broadcast in high-definition. This means that you’re able to see live programming – such as music concerts and sports – in a manner that almost makes it feel like you’re there. Only, you aren’t there… You’re at home and can wear comfortable clothes and eat snacks. Bonus!

Benefit #6: Most include ‘smart’ features

Most modern HDTVs include so-called smart features that make the television watching experience more enjoyable. This can range from picture-in-picture to the ability to stream Netflix, browse the web, or check your email inbox without any additional equipment. In some cases, smart televisions also connect to other items like your Google Home or Amazon Echo for ease of use. And, many new HDTV models also come with extra features like voice-activated remotes or the ability to change the channel via a smartphone app.Benefit #7: The price is right

Perhaps the best reason to purchase an HDTV for your home is that the price is right. Most electronics stores offer flat-screen televisions at very reasonable costs much less than they were just a few short years ago. In fact, it can even be difficult to find a traditional television unless you are looking at a used one.