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I’m moving address and want to relocate my service, what happens?

If you are currently connected to nbn with MATE, and you are moving address, we’ll need to disconnect the internet service at your current location. We’ll then need to connect a new internet service at your new address (pending availability).

The status of an nbn™ connection and how you connect to the nbn™ network at a new address may differ from your current location.

Therefore, if you’re planning on moving home soon, it’s worth preparing before you relocate to help minimise any disruption to your MATE nbn service.

let us know you’re moving as soon as possible

The sooner you let us know you’re moving, the better. It allows us time to connect the nbn network to your new address. Remember, the status of an nbn connection and the technology nbn uses to connect will likely differ from one location to another.

If you are moving, it would be best to contact our support team as we would need to confirm the following:

  1. The date you would like the internet service at your current address to be cancelled;
  2. The full address where you are moving to (including any unit numbers, state and postcode) so we can check and advise what we can offer you at this location;
  3. The plan you wish to connect at your new address.

Don’t stress about cancelling your MATE service! We can set a cancellation date in advance, and we can also keep both your new and existing services active at the same time if needed.

As you are an existing MATE customer, we will not process any upfront payment for the internet service at your new address.

Once the internet at your new address is activated, you will be charged on a partial (pro-rata) basis from the date of activation to the day before your next bill cycle. This is to line your new internet service up with the already established billing cycle of your account which can’t be changed.

The partial (pro-rata) charge will only appear on the invoice after your new internet service has been activated.

If you are moving address and have previously purchased a MATE modem, this will be compatible. You will need to update the settings in your modem once you have moved address – we will provide these settings and instructions via email once your new order is processed.