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How can I contact you, MATE?
I have signed up and want to cancel my order
What is the difference between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi on my modem?

NBN™ Services

Are there any NBN™ setup fees?
What’s the “NBN™ New Development” fee charge?
How do I add a landline service to my NBN™ service?
Can I get a technician to come and setup my NBN™ ?
Is line rental included in your NBN™ connection?
Is it compulsory to switch to the NBN™ ?
Do I need an NBN™ Compatible Router?
Do I need to be there for the installation of the NBN™ ?
How do I get connected to the NBN™ ?
How does the NBN™ work?
How fast can I get connected to the NBN™ ?
How fast is the NBN™ ?
What are the theoretical maximum internet speeds on the NBN™ ?
What factors can affect the speed of my NBN™ connection?
What if my nbn™ installation appointment goes wrong?

ADSL services

Are there any cancellations fees for your ADSL service?
Are there any setup fees for your ADSL service?
What can I do to make my ADSL faster?
Can I get ADSL at my address?
Can I get a technician to come and setup my ADSL?
Can I upgrade from ADSL to NBN™ ?
How does data allowance work on my ADSL service?
How do I relocate my ADSL?
Are there any costs for relocating my ADSL service?
Can I keep my phone number if switching my ADSL service to you?
What speeds can I expect for my ADSL service?
What are other reasons I may not be able to get ADSL?
What do I need to have an ADSL connection?
What is included with our ADSL plans?
What modem do I require for my ADSL connection?
Why am I only eligible for #countrymates ADSL plans?
What are Telstra and the Customer’s responsibilities on an ADSL/Landline service?

home phones

Do I need to have ADSL with you to have a phone line?
Can I bar calls on my landline service?
Do you provide Priority Assistance?
Do you offer disability equipment or discounts on your home phone plans?
How do I apply for a new home phone connection?
How long does a new phone line connection take?
How long does it take to switch my existing home phone service to you?

accounts & billing

Can I change my billing anniversary date?
Can I make a manual credit card payment?
How do I update or change my direct debit or credit card account details?
Having trouble paying your bill?
What will happen if I don’t pay my bill on time?
What are your payment options?
Do I have direct debit set up on your account?
When do I receive my bill and when is my payment due?

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