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other stuff

How can I contact you?
Do you provide Priority Assistance?
Do you offer pensioner or student discounts on your plans?
I have signed up and want to cancel my order
Do I need to cancel services with my previous provider?

nbn™ internet

Are there any nbn™ setup fees? 
Why is there an “nbn™ New Development” fee charge?
Can I add a phone service to my nbn™ Internet account?
Can I get a technician to come and set up my nbn™ ?
Is line rental included in your nbn™ connection?
Is it compulsory to switch to the nbn™ ?
Do I need an nbn™ Compatible Modem/Router?
Do I need to be there for the installation of the nbn™ ?
How do I get connected to the nbn™ ?
How does nbn™ work?
How fast can I get connected to the nbn™ ?
What are the theoretical maximum internet speeds on the nbn™ ?
What factors can affect the speed of my nbn™connection?
What if my nbn™ installation appointment goes wrong?
What is nbn™?

adsl internet

Are there any setup fees for an adsl service?
What can I do to make my adsl faster?
Can I get adsl at my address?
Can I get a technician to come and set up my adsl?
Can I upgrade from adsl to nbn™ ?
I am moving address, how do I relocate my adsl service?
Are there any costs for relocating my adsl service?
Can I get standalone adsl?
How fast is adsl?
What are other reasons I may not be able to get adsl?
What is included with our adsl plans?
What modem do I require for my adsl connection?
Why am I only eligible for country mates adsl plans?
What are Telstra and the customer’s responsibilities on an adsl/Landline service?
What is adsl?
I don’t want a phone line, but I want adsl
How long does an adsl connection take?
Can I keep my phone number if switching my adsl service to you?

home phone

Do I need to have ADSL with you to have a phone line?
Can I bar calls on my landline service?
How do I apply for a new home phone connection?
How long does a new phone line connection take?
How long does it take to switch my existing home phone service to you?

accounts & billing

Can I change my billing anniversary date?
Can I make a manual credit card payment?
How do I update or change my direct debit or credit card account details?
I’m having trouble paying your bill, what should I do?
What will happen if I don’t pay my bill on time?
What are your payment methods?
Do I have direct debit set up on your account?
When do I receive my bill and when is my payment due?
How does the bill cycle work?
What compensation is offered for outages and faults?
What is your cancellation policy?
I’m moving address and want to transfer my service, what happens? 
How does your ‘refer a friend’ program work?

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