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If you're actively looking for nbn plans, then you're probably already confused with all the jargon and have a million questions about this type of broadband connection. For example, what is nbn, what's a speed tier, do I need a bundle with a mobile or home phone, is download speed affected in peak hour, how much are the nbn setup fees, what modem do I require, what's the difference between an nbn 50/20 plan and an nbn Home Fast or Home Fast+ plan and why does it matter to me and more. The list of questions you may have regarding broadband plans is likely to go on and on!

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The rollout of nbn and the process of switching to unlimited nbn deals can be daunting and confusing at first glance, but if you choose a provider you can trust like a MATE, an nbn connection quickly becomes much more straightforward than it looks. There are a variety of different nbn plans available, and the main point of difference is the maximum download speed provided on each broadband connection. Rather than focus on nbn speeds and data caps, MATE offers the best unlimited, month to month nbn deals at mates rates pricing with no contract and no connection fee across all nbn technologies, including Fixed Wireless.

One of the most popular plans is the nbn 50/20 plan, otherwise called "Standard Plus" by nbn. MATE's Ripper 50/20 plans are ideal for HD video, music streaming and online gaming for between 4-6 people in your household. Whether you choose to bundle a home phone or mobile plans into the package or not, our nbn 50/20 plans provide a typical busy period download speed (7pm-11pm) of 48Mbps (megabits per second).

The Ripper nbn 50/20 plan is ideal for a wide variety of use cases. Whether you are just accessing your emails and surfing the web on social media, streaming music, online gaming or watching HD video via Netflix and YouTube, nbn 50/20 plans are great for big households connecting numerous devices at the same time.

Regardless of whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or any other area of Australia, an unlimited data plan on the nbn 50/20 speed tier will be a great fit for most households. MATE's Ripper nbn 50/20 plans provide great value and start from just $75 per month for unlimited data, no setup costs and no lock in contracts. Keep in mind that contract nbn plans are the best way to make sure you get the best possible internet connection with no commitments - this means fewer worries and more Netflix and chill for you!

nbn not installed in your home yet? You can get nbn 50/20 installed at your home with MATE. If you sign up and nbn is available, MATE will organise nbn to be installed at your home, so you can enjoy the nbn 50/20 plan as quickly as possible. Our nbn 50/20 plan comes with unlimited data and no lock in contracts. Easy mate.

If you have any questions about anything to do with nbn 50/20 plans, no contract nbn, nbn technologies, nbn plans, the national broadband network rollout or availability, or you need even more information, don't hesitate to drop us a line and get in touch!

How is the nbn network installed and connected to my home or business premises?

The installation of the nbn network into your home or business is designed to be as efficient and comfortable as possible. If you’re having the nbn network installed directly into your home for the first time, an adult over 18 will need to be present to let the installer in and approve the work completed.

Typically, you’ll need to work with the installer to decide on the ideal location for your device to be installed, considering easy access for you and where it can be efficiently connected to the network’s external device.

For certain connection types like FTTN/FTTB, where no additional equipment is needed inside, your connection will simply use an existing telephone socket.

What nbn plan is right for me?

At MATE, we have a range of nbn plans that are designed to suit different lifestyles. Whether you live in a small household or need high-speed internet for a large family or group, we’ve got you covered.

From our Crikey 25/10 plan which offers a typical busy period download speed of 25Mbps to the Fair Dinkum 250/25 plan, designed for 6 or more people, with a typical busy period download speed of 202Mbps, there’s something for everyone.

It’s important to note that actual speeds are not only influenced by the type of plan you have but also by your nbn connection type. For example, if you have a plan that provides you with a typical busy period download speed of 48Mbps but you’re connected to the nbn network via FTTN technology, your average internet speed may be slightly slower.

Beyond this, there are many other factors that can affect your internet speed, such as your location, proximity to a Fixed Wireless position (especially for rural users), and the quality of your devices.

Who will be getting access to the nbn network?

Quite simply, the nbn network is dedicated to providing high-speed internet connections to every home and business across Australia. nbn™ hopes to achieve this goal, aiming to ensure that everyone can enjoy the full benefits of the internet at high speeds, regardless of their location in the country. The government has already completed most of the nbn rollout, meaning that most Australians should now have an active nbn connection or have it available for installation.

Who will be getting access to the nbn™ network?

If you want to know how you’re connected to the nbn network, there’s a very easy way to find out. Before you select one of MATE’s many nbn plans, you’ll be asked to enter your address and see if your home or business is connected to the nbn network and how it’s been or will be connected to the nbn network. With this information, you’ll be able to determine what type of nbn plan will best suit your home or business.

What do I need to prepare for the nbn network?

As the nbn network is rolled out, it has replaced the existing copper telephone infrastructure, which means that services that once existed on this infrastructure have been terminated. If you're in an existing property, there's minimal preparation needed on your part for the nbn to set up its network; nbn™ will handle most of the internal setup, although there are a few exceptions. However, for a new property, you may need a private technician to provide a trench and conduit for the fibre cabling installation.

Thankfully, getting your phones and internet-ready devices prepared for the nbn network is straightforward. Simply call an nbn provider like MATE and talk to them about what plan would best suit your lifestyle. At MATE, we’re all about delivering value and connecting you smoothly. If you want your devices on the nbn network as soon as possible, check out our range of high-quality, high-speed nbn plans on our website, or you can live chat with us online or email us at [email protected].


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