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Introducing our upgraded internet network!

Feature Blog Posts | MATE | 5 September 2023

We have some exciting news to share! MATE is thrilled to announce our upgraded internet network, made for our mates. 

Why an upgraded internet network?

This change aims to ensure we have more control over the internet services we connect and ultimately provide a better experience for our customers.

Our upgraded internet network is also designed to provide you a better experience when streaming, gaming and browsing!

What does this actually mean?

We previously used a third-party wholesaler to provide you with internet access to the nbn network. This change means that MATE no longer resells internet provided by another company but literally makes the internet we sell.

We have built out a national footprint of access to the nbn network to provide customers with the best possible experience at a value-for-money price.

Our new nbn plans and typical peak time speeds

Along with our upgraded internet network comes a brand new range of nbn plans with improved typical busy period download speeds (7pm to 11pm).

Crikey nbn 25/10

Priced at $65 per month, or $55 when bundled with a great value MATE mobile plan, the Crikey nbn 25/10 plan offers a solid, consistent online experience with a typical busy period download speed of 25Mbps. It’s great for a small family of 2-4 users and also comes with an increased upload speed of 10Mbps.

Ripper nbn 50/20

Add some more zing to your online activities! Priced at $75 per month, or just $65 per month when bundled with a MATE mobile plan. The Ripper nbn 50/20 plan comes with a typical busy period download speed of 48Mbps and is the best plan for a larger family of 4-6 users.

No Worries nbn 100/20

Tailored for those who thrive on speed. Priced at $85 per month and an even sweeter $75 per month when bundled with one of our great value mobile plans, the No Worries nbn 100/20 plan delivers a typical busy period download speed of 95Mbps. It’s cracking for 6+ users and perfect if you’re working from home.

You Beaut nbn 100/40

The same power-packed performance as our “No Worries” plan, but with double the upload speeds. Yours for $95 per month, or $85 when bundled with a MATE mobile plan. It offers a typical busy period download speed of 95Mbps, perfect for 6+ users in the home. If you’re after the fastest upload speed, our You Beaut 100/40 plan is the one for you!

Fair Dinkum nbn 250/25

Our fastest internet plan. Priced at $110 per month, or $100 if you pair it with one of our mobile plans. With a whopping typical evening speed of 202Mbps it’s perfect for those who want the fastest speeds MATE has to offer. It’s suited to 6+ users in the home.

1-month money back guarantee

Our primary goal has always been to offer the best possible experience to our customers at the best possible price. We’re so confident you’ll love our upgraded internet network, we’re offering a 1-month money-back guarantee¹ on all nbn plans! Love your internet, or your money back!

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