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6 Ways to transform your house into a smart home

Technology is changing at such a rapid pace that you may find it dizzying to keep up!

The future is here, and with it comes smart homes.

Smart homes utilise the latest technologies to optimize your living space. They accomplish this optimisation via the use of WiFi technology and smart devices.

As such, before you commit to investing in the latest and greatest gadgets, it’s important to ensure that these gadgets are operating on a strong foundation of a fast and dependable internet connection. Once your internet is sorted, check out six of the most popular ways you can start transforming your house from the present to the future:

1. Turn your phone into the doorman

You know when you order a package and you have to get up and meet the courier to sign for it? Or, when you invite friends over to maintain some semblance of a social life and they expect you to greet them at the door? Ugh, so annoying!

Gone are the days of moving one inch from your comfy spot on the couch with Viking Electronics; simply buzz in your guest (or pizza-bearing delivery guy) with a few taps from your mobile phone or landline.

Forget about hiding spare keys or remembering to flip the deadbolt. A motion sensor “door box” installed on the outside of your entryway allows visitors to alert you to their arrival via the push of a button. Once they’ve pushed the button, the system will sound a double ring through your landline or mobile. Answering the call will not only allow you to talk to your visitor but “buzz” them in as well!

2. Clean in a sweep

Forget about straining your back while trying to sweep and hold a dustpan simultaneously. Invest in a vacuum dustpan and never worry about missing those feisty dust bunnies again.

Simply set your vacuum dustpan to the automatic setting and sweep debris towards it. The device (which stands on its own around the size of a wastebasket) will scoop up nearby debris for more convenient disposal. It’s less work than toting around a bulky vacuum cleaner.

3. Hello, Alexa!

This one may seem like a given, but if you haven’t yet bought into the hype of the Amazon Echo (and its accompanying virtual assistant that goes by the name of “Alexa”) you should really consider doing so.

The Amazon Echo features an easy setup and requires minimal hassle for those who may be concerned about the extent of their technological prowess. Like your own personal assistant, Alexa can do everything from creating grocery lists to reminding your kids about their chores or you about your in-law’s birthdays.
The Echo also functions as a speaker, so you can blast tunes from your phone wirelessly.

4. The heat is on(line)

One of the sleekest, most efficient, and increasingly popular ways to transform your home into a smart home is by installing a WiFi-compatible thermostat. These touch screen thermostats (typically black in colour and round in shape) mount to the wall like a typical thermostat, but can straightforwardly break down everything about your HVAC system in a few touches.

These handy devices can be easily programmed to run on a schedule and are also able to learn your heating/air preferences throughout the day. They can be adjusted from multiple points in the house and can help to determine the most eco-friendly and cost-effective temperature for your home. Plus, many can even project the weather onto their screens!

5. It’s electric!

The future aims to be not only eco-friendly but wallet-friendly too. Invest in a motion sensor power strip so that the devices you typically always leave plugged in (such as lamps or the television) are quickly and easily able to stop sucking energy (and money) when they’re not in use.

6. Let there be light

Set the mood in your home with the perfect low-light ambience or completely transform it into a rainbow pulsing disco party atmosphere by installing a WiFi-compatible LED lighting system. These systems allow you to change the brightness, colour, and action (such as dimming, pulsing, or flashing) of the lights around your house all from the convenience of your phone.

Light switches can still function normally, but a quick visit to the app will have your living room strobing shades of magenta, turquoise, and neon green in no time. Get ready to party!


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