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Save With MATE & Shop Local – 7 Aussie Businesses We Love

 7 Aussie businesses we love

When you bundle your phone and internet with Mate, you’re going to save $10 a month* or $120 a year^. What a package!

Why not support some of our local mates around Australia and spend those savings on something you’ll love? 

These are 7 of our favourite small business mates:

1. Budgy Smuggler

Budgy Smuggler Instagram                                       

Budgy Smuggler Website 


Our mates at Budgy Smuggler are on a mission to free the thighs of the world, one pair of Budgy Smugglers at a time. They call Manly, Sydney home and they make their smugglers just up the road. Their swimwear comes in a range of show-stopping patterns and there’s a pair for the whole family. We wouldn’t go smuggling in anything else! 



DOGUE Instagram                                                                     

DOGUE Website


When we want to pamper our best mate, we always go to DOGUE. As Australia’s leading dog boutique brand, DOGUE is passionate about creating the total experience for dogs and their owners. They are the experts of canine fashion, dog accessories, dog grooming, dog daycare and luxury dog boarding. How divine!  


3. Third Drawer Down 

Third Drawer Down Instagram


Third Drawer Down Website


Third Drawer Down is definitely our coolest mate. They’re all about creating fun art to live with in the form of quirky gifts and homewares. And they’ve collaborated with more than 200 international artists since being founded in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia. Cool bananas! 



4. The Grumpy Barista

The Grumpy Barista Instagram


The Grumpy Barista Website


When we’re in Alexandria, we love to drop in to see our mates at The Grumpy Barista. We think this is the best coffee in town and we can’t go past Grumpy’s Reuban sandwich (with chips of course!). Even if they might look a little grumpy, the coffee, food and service are top notch!



5. SWOP Clothing Exchange 

SWOP Instagram


SWOP Website


Our friends at SWOP are doing fashion differently. In their stores (located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and online), you are able to swop in your pre-loved clothes or purchase new threads. This circular fashion movement is great for the planet, your wallet and your wardrobe of course! With their quality checks and expert team looking over everything before it gets to the shelves, 2nd hand shopping has never been easier. 



6. Yellow Octopus 

Yellow Octopus Instagram


Yellow Octopus Website


Yellow Octopus is Australia’s largest online gift shop, with thousands of unique & fun gifts for any occasion. The team, based in Melbourne, are dedicated to finding the perfect gifts for every mate. Last minute gifts? They offer same day delivery in Melbourne and overnight delivery to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart. What deal!



7. Pablo’s Booty Camp

Pablo’s Instagram


Nobody loves Pablo as much as Pablo loves Pablo…except maybe us! When he’s not busy being our seriously good looking mate, he’s running his famous booty camps in Waterloo which are sure to whip you and your mates into shape. We’re definitely feeling the burn…  


Have some other mates we should know about? Send us a note at [email protected]   


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*$10 saving per month is based on having an active nbn and mobile service on one MATE account. 
^$120 saving per year based on saving $10 per month when you have an active nbn and mobile service on one MATE account for a full 12 months. Visit for full details.