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Get on top of your finances with these budgeting tips

Feature Blog Posts | MATE | 8 February 2022

We know that everyone’s budget can take a real hammering over the holiday periods. While everyone loves a day off, and holidays are undoubtedly fun at the time, end of year activities such as Christmas and New Year parties, social gatherings and giving presents can quickly cause you some financial stress once the holiday period is over.

If you need to get your finances and budget back into shape for the new year, or you are likely to continue overspending, MATE internet + mobile have partnered with Beyond Bank to provide a free Budget Bootcamp! Get budgeting tips to save money and meet your financial goals!

Start saving money today!

To help whip your money back into shape and get you on the path of saving money rather than spending money, the Beyond Bank Budget Bootcamp program is available to help you with your personal budgeting needs, regardless of your financial situation or personal objectives. You’ll get tips and suggestions regarding not just how to save money, but:

  • how to get started with a budget;
  • tips for growing your money (and your savings account);
  • tackling and managing your expenses;
  • basic money housekeeping, including keeping an emergency fund.

Sign up for the free Budget Bootcamp, and you’ll receive four weekly challenges designed to help you whip your finances into tip-top shape and get back on top of your financial situation.

Challenge 1: Set your goals to save money

You don’t have to win the jackpot to achieve your dream life. You have to set yourself some money goals and work to achieve them. Whether it’s an emergency fund for unexpected expenses, keeping your savings account topped up or opening a high-interest savings account, the Budget Bootcamp will help set your money goals.

Challenge 2: Tackle your expenses

One of the most challenging things about budgeting is keeping track of your spending. The Budget Bootcamp can help you tackle and set your monthly expenses. Of course, if you’re already a MATE customer, you know that you can save up to $120 per year when you bundle your internet and mobile plan!

Challenge 3: Protect your wealth

Insurance gives you a bit of a safety net if the world decides to go all Armageddon on you. When taking out insurance, you should consider several options – the Budget Bootcamp runs through them all.

Challenge 4: Be a smarter saver and use a savings account

The Budget Bootcamp can help you plan a zero spend day with a personal budget designed just for you. You’ll suddenly realise how much money you fritter away!

Sign up for the Beyond Bank Budget Bootcamp today!