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award-winning internet? yeah mate!

great value mobile plans, now with 5G!

save even more when you bundle!

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We’re all about making broadband plans simple to sign up for, simple to connect to, and great value to stay connected with. While the nbn is rolling out all across Australia, you may be in an area that still uses cable or adsl broadband. The good news is this: at MATE, you can get an unlimited broadband connection to tide you over until the nbn does become available in your area, and we’ll even throw in a free account transition straight on to the nbn, too.

MATE makes it fast and simple to get online fast. Our broadband packages are the best value that we can make them and our sign up process is as simple as it gets. We want you connected, configured and ready to surf the net as soon as possible. With us, you also remain stay in complete control of your own internet service. We don’t hit our customers up for hidden costs, cap your download speeds – ever! – or hide anything in the fine print because you don’t need a lock in contract between mates.

Compare our products to find the best fit for you and the chuck your address in to see what’s available in your area. Get mobile and get your home internet wifi flying in no time.

what is nbn™ broadband?

nbn broadband – or the National Broadband Network – is Australia’s whizz-bang new fastest internet connection. It operates across a network of fibre optic cables rather than the old copper line phone lines and this new upgraded line provides the ability to deliver never-before-achieved internet speed into normal residential homes and businesses across the country. It is, in short, the future of our internet. It will also replace all of the old phone line internet connections eventually.

If you’re not sure whether you have access to the nbn yet, then we can help you out. Using our website, you can check your own address and we can let you know if your property is nbn ready, or when it will most likely be ready.

As there are many different types of nbn, it’s a good idea to check which one has been made to your property if you’re on the network yet. Knowing whether you have Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or Fibre to the Node (FTTN), for example, will give you a better idea of home internet speeds when you’re picking the best plan for your home.

If you are wondering whether nbn is faster than adsl then the simple answer is yes, it definitely is. adsl has a maximum speed of 20 Mbps but most customers don’t experience that speed due to a variety of factors, particularly how far your home is from the local telephone exchange, and the condition and quality of the copper phone lines in the area. Customers more often than not will report speeds regularly at 6 Mbps.

MATE’s nbn plans include typical busy period download speeds (7pm-11pm) of up to 208 Mbps which is nearly ten times as fast as the maximum speed available and more than twenty times as fast as the speed adsl2+ customers regularly experience. So, yeah. There’s a difference.

To get the best out of your nbn plan we recommend using a plan with a typical busy period download speed of at least 19 mbps plan – ideal for a small family. If you are looking for a plan to support more than that, like a larger family or a sharehouse, then we’d recommend a higher speed plan. For families using multiple screens at one time then we’d recommend the top end of the higher speed range to avoid the potential for irritating speed issues like lags in your favourite shows and the inevitable whinging and complaining that goes that amongst the family.

have you got a mobile?

Honestly, who doesn’t? But our point actually is that you can even sign up your mobile with us if you have an internet account with MATE. If you have a prepaid or postpaid plan at the moment and are looking for great deals on SIM online mobile plans, you’ve come to the right place. Pick your terms, no 12 month or 24 month but nothing locked in, and bundle your internet access. Portable internet in your pocket with us. Nice one, MATE!

So get in touch with us today and see what type of internet plan best suits your property by completing our quick online check. Once you know, pick the best value internet plan with MATE and we’ll get you connected ASAP.

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