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7 Storage hacks to maximise your in-home space

Home & Lifestyle Blog | MATE | 3 January 2021

Home storage seems to be an ongoing headache, especially when your home is on the smaller side, making space at a premium.

Thankfully, by making a few changes, you can get the most out of the space you have.

For interesting, actionable storage hacks you can use to maximise your in-home storage space, read the seven tips listed below:

#1. Get creative

When contemplating storage hacks, you might immediately think of baskets, crates and other forms of organisation. While those have merit, in some spaces, creativity is key, especially when space is at a premium. For example, if storage within your kitchen is an issue, consider hanging some pots and utensils on the wall.

This successfully stores them but keeps them in easy reach for use. You can also repurpose unused items and use them for storage instead. For example, a metal CD rack is ideal for keeping

Tupperware and other similar kitchen items upright. (Another example of repurposing below).

#2. Opt for multifunctional furniture

This tip encourages you to consider furniture as having more than one function. For example, you might purchase a side table that serves that purpose but also has a charging station built into the drawer for you to charge various devices. According to recent data from IAB Australia, ownership of smartphones in Australia has increased and stands at 11.1 million. This means you almost certainly have a cell phone that needs charging, making this a great hack for saving space.

#3. Use your vertical space

If your home is blessed with vertical height, put that space to good use. Have cabinets built that utilise the space above existing furnishings up to the ceiling. This provides the ideal storage space for extra sheets, blankets, supplies, and other home items.

#4. Make the most of unused space underneath furnishings

In addition to using the space above your furnishings, you can also use the space underneath them. Consider using space under beds, under couches, and within ottomans to store items.

#5. Minimise the clutter

Clear away unused items. Donate them to charity or sell them to earn a little extra income. This will cut down on your storage needs, simply by reducing the items in need of storage.

#6. Sort your bathroom vanity

The bathroom is another area in need of storage solutions. One way to maximise storage space in this room is by repurposing a spice rack, hanging it on the wall and using it to store your makeup and other bathroom accessories. You can also build storage or shelving for your toilet paper, towels, and other bathroom goods.

#7. Pay special attention to your closet

Closets are one area you need to pay special attention to when maximising your storage space. Of course, if closets are in short supply for you, you can instead use dressers or other furniture.

However, if you do have closets to use, the following are some general tips for properly organising them, making the most of this storage space:

  • Remove items you don’t wear and donate them.
  • Add a mirror to the space, it’s practical and makes it look more open.
  • Add wall hooks, this provides a nice area to hang clothing and/or robes.
  • Organise jewellery in boxes or on hooks.
  • Organise shoes on a rack or shoe ladder.
  • Add a shelving system or additional bar to your closet to double your hanging space.


Having a well-organised space is ideal and can make even a small home feel roomy. After all, without properly storing items, you can end up with a cluttered living area that evokes feelings of panic and promotes chaos, which of course you want to avoid.

By following the seven tips listed above, you can maximise your space’s storage solutions and create a better appointed, more organised home.