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Prepaid vs Postpaid: What’s Right for Me

At MATE, we understand the importance of having a mobile plan that meets your needs. Whether you’re a casual user or a heavy data user, you want a plan that is affordable, flexible and meets your data usage needs. When choosing a mobile plan, you have two main options: prepaid or postpaid. Understanding the differences between the two plans is essential to making the right choice for you.

Understanding Prepaid Plans

Prepaid phone plans mean that you pay for phone service upfront before you use it. You purchase a certain amount of data and use it until it runs out (or until it expires after a set time period), then you need to purchase more. This type of plan is ideal for those who want to control their costs and don’t need a lot of data. The benefits of a prepaid service include no long-term commitments and the ability to change plans at any time.

However, there are some limitations to a prepaid plan. For example, you can run out of data quickly and need to top up earlier, spending more money in the long run. Plus, prepaid mobile plans are usually low priority leading to lower data speeds when things get busy, so they may not be ideal for those who use mobile data heavily.

Understanding Postpaid Plans

Postpaid plans are where you pay for mobile service on a reoccurring basis. You’ll benefit from a monthly billing cycle, removing the hassle of topping up month after month. Postpaid plans tend to include higher mobile data options than prepaid. 

Some postpaid plans require you to sign a long-term contract and undergo various checks. Additionally, postpaid plans can be more expensive than prepaid plans if you’re only looking to use very little data.

At MATE, we offer fast and reliable postpaid plans to meet your needs. Whether you’re a high-data user or just need enough to get you through the day, we have a range of 4G and 5G plans so you’re always connected—all without any lock-in contracts. Check out our range of postpaid mobile plans today, all with loads of data, up to 500GB of data banking and unlimited talk and text to standard Australian numbers.

Prepaid Vs Postpaid What's Right For Me

Comparing Prepaid and Postpaid Plans

When comparing prepaid and postpaid plans, it’s important to consider the cost, flexibility, billing, payment and the benefits for different types of users.


While prepaid plans may seem more affordable initially, postpaid plans are often more cost-effective in the long run, especially for heavy data users. 

Billing and Payment

With a postpaid plan, you will receive a monthly bill, making it easy to track your usage and manage your costs.


Prepaid plans tend to be ideal for people who are after flexibility as some providers require lock-in or fixed-term contracts. At MATE, we offer low prices, fast connectivity and large data allowances, all without fixed term contracts. That means you can benefit from a postpaid plan while being able to cancel at any time.


While prepaid plans may seem more affordable initially, MATE’s postpaid plans offer more flexibility and cost-effectiveness for users. With a postpaid mobile phone plan, you have access to high-speed mobile data and monthly bills that add an extra level of ease to your life.

At MATE, we offer a range of postpaid plans to meet your needs, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Whether you hotspot and stream directly from your phone or you just need to stay connected day-to-day, we have a SIM-only plan that will fit your needs and budget. Learn more about MATE’s 4G and 5G postpaid plans or our unlimited data nbn home plans today!

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