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How to setup your TP-Link Deco mesh router for nbn

step 1 - plug your router into the nbn™ device

This guide covers the nbn connection types Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) and Fixed Wireless.

To set up your TP-Link Deco for nbn Fibre to the Node (FTTN) or Fibre to the Building (FTTB), refer to our FTTN/B setup guide for the Deco DSL range.

The information below covers a range of of TP-Link Deco models including M4, M5, M9, X20, X50, X90 and more.

Plug the included power cable for the Deco unit into a power point and turn the power on. Plug the other end into the round power port on the back of the Deco unit.

Plug your Deco mesh router into your nbn™ device using an RJ-45 Ethernet cable. One end of the Ethernet cable needs to be plugged into one of the grey Ethernet ports on the back of the Deco device.

The other end needs to be plugged into the active port on your nbn™ device – this will either be a numbered UNI-D port (such as UNI-D 1, UNI-D 2 etc.) or a GATEWAY port.

If you are unsure which port to plug into on your nbn™ device, please refer to your MATE activation email and SMS which specifies the correct port.

The LED light on your Deco should pulse blue when ready.

Tp Link Deco Rear

step 2 - download and install the TP-Link Deco app

Download and install the TP-Link Deco app for iOS or Android devices. The app will walk you through the setup process and will be required to configure your MATE internet connection.

The Deco app allows you to quickly and easily install and manage your Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System. You can also monitor your home Wi-Fi connection from anywhere, and make changes right from your smartphone or tablet.

Once installed, open the app and use your TP-Link ID to log in. If you don’t have a TP-Link ID, you’ll need to sign up first.

Note: If you have already have a TP-Link ID but forgot your login password, tap Forgot password. The Deco app will guide you through the process of resetting this.

Start the setup process.

Tp Link Deco Top

step 3 - enter the MATE settings in the TP-Link Deco app

During the Deco setup process, you’ll be asked to Connect your Deco to the internet. In this section, you’ll need to enter your nbn internet service details provided to you by MATE.

On the Select your ISP (Internet Service Provider) screen:

  1. Select Australia as the Region;
  2. Select Other as the ISP.

On the Select your internet connection type screen:

  1. Select PPPoE Internet Connection Type;
  2. Enter your MATE service username in the Username field. This will be in the following format: [email protected]
  3. Enter your MATE service password in the Password field. This will be in the following format: 1234567

Your MATE service username and password would have been emailed to you during the order process.

TP-Link Deco app

Tap on “Next” and complete the Deco setup, which will include choosing a Wi name and WiFi password for your new network.

If the LED on your Deco does not turn solid green after 5 minutes, please contact our support team for further troubleshooting.

download a user guide for your modem

TP-Link Download Centre

Select your Deco model number to download all available support documentation