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Say hello to Grace: Our AI customer service at MATE

Feature Blog Posts | MATE | 27 November 2023

At MATE, we are constantly improving our customer service. You might have noticed Grace, our AI team member! She’s super helpful!

We made Grace with our friends at Clevertar. She’s been talking to lots of customers and is now the first one to say hello when you need help or want to buy something. Grace makes it easy to get the answers you want, 24/7.

How Grace AI Started

We wanted to make a super smart helper, so we teamed up with Clevertar, an Australian-based team of AI experts. We worked together to make Grace. Grace has been around now for a few years. Her major update a few months ago was so good that she’s now the first point of contact for all enquiries.

What Grace Can Do

She helps you, our customers.

She can help you sign up, help raise a fault if you’re having issues, answer questions about our plans, or help with billing on your account. All sorts! And Grace is always there, day or night, to give you answers to the most commonly asked questions!

Why the name Grace?

We designed Grace to help everyone, all the time. This reminds our co-CEO’s of their mum, who is always helping everyone, whether making food, looking after the grandkids, or offering support for whoever needs it. Our CEOs named Grace after their mum, in recognition of what a helpful person she is.

How Grace Works

Grace is built with some really cool AI technology, thanks to our partnership with Clevertar. Grace knows everything about MATE, and she’s funny too! Grace has learning technology to help her understand and remember what customers say, so she gets better at helping every day.

Grace is a very important helper at MATE. She’s a big step in helping us deliver services with the customer service you deserve.

Come and chat with Grace on our website! She’s ready to help you today!