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what to look for in a flexible mobile plan

Gone are the days of lengthy 2-to-4 year mobile phone contracts. With an increase in competition and choice in the telco industry, mobile phone contracts are now more flexible than ever.

Outdoing the old deals

Two-year deals have been the most popular contract for consumers for a long time in Australia because it was once the cheapest way to get mobile service. The old agreements also locked in customers to data limits with additional charges if someone went over the allocated usage.

A lot of people are now migrating from contractual mobile phones to a more flexible mobile plan. The versatile new plans allow customers to adjust their choices on a month to month basis.

Flexible plans come with the added benefit of adjusting your requirements, choosing add-ons, and then removing the things you don’t need without penalty.

Here are some more benefits of adopting a flexible mobile plan:

  • Unlimited texts, phone calls, and a large amount of data usage are available for a monthly fee and you can opt out at any point without penalties.
  • If you choose a plan with limitations on data and go past the ceiling, flexible plans allow a bolt on for as little as $10 per 1GB.

How much do flexible mobile plans cost?

Here’s the kicker… Mate’s mobile plans start for as little as $15 a month for unlimited national talk and text, plus 1GB of data.

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