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what credit is offered for outages and faults?

Any downtime credit is awarded from when a fault is first logged with MATE to when the network provider advises that they have repaired a fault on their side of the connection, or up to the first appointment issued by the network provider if this appointment is rescheduled by you.

The amount of credit applicable for a fault or outage is based on the number of days it has taken our network provider to resolve the issue and the applicable plan fee.

For example, if you are on a $69 per month nbn™ plan and you log a fault with MATE on 01/08/2020 and the fault is resolved on 06/08/2020 (or the first fault appointment is issued on this date), you will be provided with a credit of five (5) days ($11.50) to your account.

By signing up with MATE, you accept that we do not offer any compensation for any business losses you incur due to a fault on your service as this is a residential grade service. We are also unable to provide compensation for interim services such as mobile data charges or mobile broadband.

Credits are not provided if a fault or service disruption is deemed to be outside the NBP (Network Boundary Point), or is an internal issue such as customer premise equipment. (i.e. modem, internal wiring, phone socket etc.)

Any credit provided on your account is provided as a gesture of goodwill – the residential grade internet service you have signed up for is a ‘Best Efforts’ service and as such, is unable to be disputed with our network provider.

From time to time, planned maintenance on the network is required to ensure nbn™ provides the best possible service. Compensation or credit is not provided for any such planned maintenance disruptions on the nbn™ network. You are not eligible to claim, nor can we be held liable for any business interruption, economic loss, stress, inconvenience or interim service charges.