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what if my nbn installation appointment goes wrong?

NOTE: If this is regarding an nbn fault appointment, please refer to this FAQ.

If this is regarding an nbn installation appointment, please read below:

From time to time issues outside of our control take place. These might be weather conditions that prevent nbn™ technicians completing work or that the technician assigned to your appointment is caught up with a previous appointment, or many others.

Normally, you will know before us if your appointment goes wrong. We will be notified by nbn sometimes up to 48 hours later.

If we have to reschedule your nbn™ appointment, we work hard to get the next available appointment in the nbn calendar. Please note that we are unable to reschedule your nbn™ connection appointment within 48 hours of a booked date.

Sometimes, this may be a week or two away from your original appointment time. Below are a few things to be aware of:

  • Please wait until after your scheduled appointment time (e.g. after 12 pm or after 5 pm) to let us know that something’s gone wrong, as we need to await confirmation from nbn™– it may be that their technician is running late. We do not have direct contact details for nbn™ technicians;
  • Remember, an exchange activation does not require a technician at your house, so you will not see the technician;
  • If the issue is at your end and you do need to reschedule your appointment, drop an email to ​[email protected]

Please be patient – it normally takes nbn™ up to 48 hours to let us know what is happening. We will keep you updated throughout the process.