what does the typical busy period download speed mean?

The typical busy period download speed listed on each MATE nbn™ plan is the average speed experienced by a selection of MATE users between the hours of 7pm and 11pm.

The actual speed you will experience on a MATE nbn™ plan depends on many factors such as the nbn™ technology that is available at your home, the quality of your modem/router, internal wiring in your home, the distance between your Wi-Fi modem/router and your devices, electrical and Wi-Fi interference, network or internet congestion, the hardware and software you use, the location of your data source and weather or infrastructure faults.

If your service is delivered over nbn™ copper infrastructure, it is possible that you may not ever be able to achieve the speed tier speeds. If this is the case, we will recommend or move you to a speed tier appropriate for your circumstances.

There are nbn™ Fixed Wireless regions that are experiencing service congestion due to limitations of nbn™ infrastructure. This congestion may significantly affect the performance of Fixed Wireless services.