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7 Tips for extending your iPhone battery

“Low battery.”

With all the texting, talking, streaming, surfing, posting and checking that you perform these days on your iPhone, you’re bound to get the “low battery” notification every now and then.
But if your battery is draining way faster than you’d prefer, then there’s a good chance that the issue is self-inflicted. In other words, if you take a closer look at your phone’s settings, you’re bound to find several ways that you can increase battery life without affecting the experience.

Here’s a look at seven of the best tips for noticeably increasing your iPhone’s battery life.

#1. Turn off background app refresh

The Background App Refresh setting doesn’t just drain your data, but it can drain your battery too. That’s because when this setting is on, it automatically refreshes popular apps when you’re not using them so that you’re always looking at the most updated information for when you do go to use them. Turn it off to conserve energy, or adjust the settings so that it’s only refreshing certain apps.

#2. Use auto brightness

The brighter your screen, the more power it’s using. Hence, enabling the Auto Brightness feature can help conserve battery life, as it will only brighten the screen as much as it deems necessary.

#3. Disconnect from wi-fi

It’s always wise to connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network to conserve your data. However, if your Wi-Fi is always turned on, that means your iPhone is always scanning for networks to connect to. Even if you’re not connecting to a network, the constant scanning can be a real drain on your phone’s battery. Hence, we suggest turning off Wi-Fi and only enabling it when you know you’ll be using it.

#4. Check your stats

Beginning with iOS 8, Apple introduced a Battery Usage feature that actually details where your phone’s power is being used. Specifically, it analyses apps from the past 24 hours and week to give you a decent sample size. Give it a look for a better understanding of what behaviour can help improve your battery life.

#5. Switch push data off

The iPhone can be programmed so that it’s always pulling data and refreshing things like e-mail. It can be nice for the busy professional, but it can soak up your phone’s battery. That’s because every time your phone connects to the network to download data, it’s using a lot of energy. It’ll cause it to die much faster than if you turn push data off and instead check things manually.

#6. Go into low power mode

Starting with iOS 9, Apple introduced Low Power Mode. Basically, enabling this shuts down all of the unnecessary features of the iPhone so that it uses far less power than if it were running normally. It’s said that just enabling this will extend battery life by three hours, making it an ideal option for those looking to get more life out of their phone if they can’t get to a charger.

#7. Disable location services

The iPhone has a built-in GPS, which is great when you’re searching for stores or directions to a destination. Knowing your current location can help you get the most accurate directions or help you find the closest store. However, other than this, this feature is just one big battery drainer, as lots of apps use it to identify location – even if you don’t need it to. Disabling it can go a long way toward extending battery life.


With how much you use your iPhone, its battery will inevitably drop into the red at some point. But there are a lot of things you can do to conserve battery life.