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Top eSports Games You Should Play in 2023

The digital age has revolutionised the gaming landscape with its cutting-edge technology, mind-boggling visuals, and immersive competitive play. In the forefront of this transformation is the esports sector, commanding the gaming world with its high-intensity multiplayer game titles. In the expanding universe of esports games, a few have stood the test of time and continue to dominate the scene with their thrilling gameplay and competitive edge. Here is a roundup of the best competitive games from esports that you should get your hands on in 2023.

Best games to play in 2023

League of Legends 

Consistently making waves in the esports arena, League of Legends, a game from the popular developers Riot Games, stands as a testament to longevity in the ever-changing gaming world. This game uniquely combines the fast-paced action of real-time strategy games with the immersive elements of role-playing games, offering a refreshing twist to the conventional multiplayer arena genre.

The game’s premise is straightforward yet thrilling—two teams of five “champions”, each with unique abilities, engage in strategic battles with the ultimate aim of destroying the opponent’s “Nexus”. These strategic battles take place on Summoner’s Rift, a carefully designed map with various terrains and objectives that adds another layer of strategy to the gameplay. These champions, sourced from an ever-growing roster, provide diverse playstyles and strategic possibilities, ensuring that every game is different.

The communication and teamwork that are essential for securing objectives and taking down enemies contribute to the game’s complexity. League of Legends enjoys immense popularity in the competitive gaming scene. Its annual World Championship consistently draws millions of viewers worldwide, with a prize pool in the millions of dollars. Additionally, its regional tournaments, such as the North American LCS and the European LEC, offer a platform for upcoming talent and thrilling rivalries.

The game’s developers ensure it stays fresh and exciting by introducing regular updates, new champions, balanced gameplay changes, and visually stunning skins. This constant evolution and adaptation to the gaming landscape have helped League of Legends stay at the forefront of competitive gaming. It’s not a surprise that League of Legends retains its spot as a top esports title in 2023.


Continuing the trend of exhilarating games from Riot Games, Valorant has emerged as a shining beacon in the competitive gaming world. It ingeniously amalgamates elements of traditional first-person shooters with a splash of hero abilities, reminiscent of other popular competitive esports games. The precise gunplay, coupled with the ability to outwit opponents using tactical abilities, makes every round of Valorant a test of skill, strategy, and synergy. Valorant’s competitive play distinguishes it from other 2023 video games, reinforcing its status as one of the top pc games in 2023.

Valorant’s gameplay involves two teams of five players each, facing off in a best-of-24-rounds format. Each player takes on the role of an “Agent”, equipped with distinct abilities that can turn the tide of a match when used strategically. From initiating aggressive pushes as a duelist to locking down sites as a sentinel, the diverse roles that agents can take up add to the game’s tactical depth. This dynamic ensures an exciting game world filled with unpredictability and high-stakes action.

The year 2023 has seen Valorant ascend in popularity within the esports sphere. Its latest updates, including the introduction of new agents, maps, and intriguing gameplay elements, have attracted a broader range of players. The addition of new game modes has also given players different ways to engage with the game outside of the traditional competitive matches. Furthermore, Valorant’s competitive scene has seen increased growth, with tournaments boasting significant viewership and grand prize pools, further affirming its position in the epic games list of competitive esports games. Its player-friendly approach, including the provision of a robust anti-cheat system and responsive community feedback, contributes significantly to its rapidly growing player base.

Street Fighter

A timeless classic in the esports gaming world, Street Fighter has pioneered the fighting game genre, maintaining its relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of esports. Known for its unique fighting styles, iconic characters, and intricate mechanics, Street Fighter is an exemplary display of how strategic thinking can marry with swift reflexes, making it a haven for competitive players looking for high-skill ceiling games.

In 2023, Street Fighter holds its ground as a popular competitive game, continually enticing players with its balanced mix of skill, strategy, and action. From the simplicity of its control system to the complexity of its fighting mechanics, the game presents a unique challenge that appeals to both beginners and seasoned players. The competitive scene is as strong as ever, with pro players continuing to showcase high levels of technical skill and strategic gameplay.

The game has a vast roster of characters, each armed with a unique set of moves and skills. From Ryu’s iconic Hadouken to Dhalsim’s Yoga Fire, these abilities introduce a wealth of strategic options, ensuring that no two matches are the same. The inclusion of new characters and stages in regular updates has continued to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Street Fighter’s popularity in the competitive scene is indisputable. From local community tournaments to international championships, it continues to draw crowds, showcasing the best of player skills and tactics. Its intense head-to-head battles, along with the depth of its combat system, make Street Fighter matches a thrilling spectacle for audiences. The lure of substantial prize money and the thrill of competitive play make Street Fighter an enduring presence in the top esports scene of 2023.

Starcraft II

With its genesis in the late ‘90s, Starcraft has been the cornerstone of the real-time strategy genre. Starcraft II, from the gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment, further expands on its predecessor’s success, delivering intricate gameplay and deep strategy elements that have cemented its status as a mainstay in the competitive esports games scene.

Starcraft II calls for players to demonstrate strategic prowess as they construct and expand their base, gather resources, and employ a vast array of military units to vanquish their adversaries. From the agile Terran to the swarm-like Zerg, each race offers unique units and abilities that bring an extra layer of strategy to each match. The decision-making involved in selecting your race, managing your economy, and coordinating attacks and defenses against opponents requires not only quick thinking but also a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and meta.

Despite its age, Starcraft II continues to be a top esports game in 2023. Its regular tournaments, with substantial prize money on offer, draw a multitude of players worldwide. These competitive events, featuring tense 1v1 battles or team-based skirmishes, are a testament to the game’s strategic depth and its enduring appeal among RTS enthusiasts. Blizzard has kept the game alive with updates introducing new units, balance changes, and additional campaign missions, ensuring the game remains fresh and competitively viable. With the ongoing support from the developers and its passionate community, Starcraft II continues to shine as one of the most complex and rewarding games in the esports scene.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a testament to the enduring appeal of strategic, team-based first-person shooters. The game, which tasks players to either fulfil objectives or eliminate the opposing team, offers a compelling blend of team coordination, strategic planning, and raw skill.

Even though it was released in 2012, CS:GO maintains its position as one of the best competitive esports games. The game’s core mechanics continue to captivate players—the rush of defending or diffusing a bomb site, the tactical purchasing of weapons and equipment, and the intense firefights that can turn the tide of a match within seconds.

The game continues to receive updates that refresh the game mechanics, introduce new maps, and balance the vast array of weapons available. The updates, coupled with an active competitive scene and a multitude of community-run tournaments, keep the CS:GO community vibrant and active. The undying appeal and sustained competitive play make CS:GO a top esports game in 2023. 

Dota 2 

Dota 2, a stellar creation by Valve Corporation, is a paradigm of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre. Launched in 2013, the game’s popularity has grown exponentially since its inception. In this competitive esports game, two teams of five players are pitted against each other in a strategic tug of war, with the ultimate objective being the destruction of the opposing team’s “Ancient”. A vast array of heroes, each sporting a unique skill set and play style, adds a level of complexity and strategic depth unmatched in most other competitive games.

The true allure of Dota 2 lies in its detailed mechanics, intricate hero designs, and a level of strategic depth that few other games can match. The game features an in-depth progression system with items and abilities that players can utilise to customise their heroes, significantly impacting the course of the game. This inherent complexity, coupled with a competitive scene known for its high-stakes tournaments, sets Dota 2 apart as one of the best competitive esports games. Dota 2 tournaments are among the most coveted in the esports world, drawing in elite players from around the globe. The game’s annual championship—The International—is notorious for its record-breaking prize pools, amplifying the game’s recognition in the esports landscape.

With the recent 2023 updates, Dota 2 introduced a slew of balance changes and added new heroes to its roster. These additions keep the gameplay fresh and the meta in constant flux, maintaining a level of unpredictability that players and spectators appreciate. This commitment to regular, meaningful updates has ensured Dota 2’s place as a top esports game in 2023 and beyond. The game has not only stood the test of time but has also significantly shaped the landscape of competitive gaming.

Top Esports Games You Should Play In 2023


Overwatch is another gem from Blizzard Entertainment that blends first-person shooter mechanics with team-based objectives. The game spotlights a diverse roster of heroes, each with unique abilities that can alter the course of battle. Teams of six players work harmoniously to either secure and defend points on a map or escort a payload through a series of checkpoints within a time limit.

An essential aspect of Overwatch’s appeal is its emphasis on team play and strategy. Every hero falls into one of three roles—Damage, Tank, or Support—and a balanced team composition can often make the difference between victory and defeat. The game encourages players to cooperate, strategise, and adapt to changing battlefield conditions. This demand for quick thinking and coordination elevates the gameplay, offering a thrilling experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Overwatch remains a top pick among the esports titles in 2023, thanks to its frequent updates, the introduction of new heroes, maps, and constant gameplay balancing. For instance, the recent 2023 update introduced Echo, a multirole adaptive robot that can duplicate the abilities of enemy heroes, bringing new strategic elements to the game.

The game offers a robust and dynamic competitive scene that keeps both casual and hardcore players engaged. Through its innovative gameplay and vibrant competitive scene, Overwatch is more than just a game; it’s a global phenomenon that brings people together, making it one of the must-play esports games in 2023.

Call of Duty

One cannot talk about the world of competitive gaming without acknowledging the behemoth that is Call of Duty. An American media franchise published by Activision, this first-person shooter video game series has made a remarkable impact on the global gaming scene. Born out of the creative minds at Infinity Ward and later developed in collaboration with Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty is more than just a game—it’s a revolution.

Since its inception in 2003, the series has travelled through time and across continents, from the gritty battlegrounds of World War II to the high-tech war zones of the future. The first instalment in the series was showered with over eighty Game of the Year awards, marking a promising start. Call of Duty’s journey since then has been nothing short of spectacular.

The series has not only gained commercial success but has also been critically acclaimed. Games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III, amongst others, have been lauded for their immersive gameplay, innovative features, and engaging narratives. By 2021, the franchise had generated over $30 billion, with cumulative sales exceeding 425 million copies, firmly establishing it as one of Activision Blizzard’s largest franchises.

One aspect that sets Call of Duty apart is its continuous innovation. Whether it’s the introduction of a modern setting in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or the futuristic movement system in Advanced Warfare, the series has consistently broken new ground. These innovations have not only contributed to the series’ sustained success but have also greatly influenced the first-person shooter genre.

Call of Duty is also renowned for its significant presence in esports. Ever since 2006, with the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the series has become a staple in competitive gaming leagues like Major League Gaming. Players engage in riveting battles across various ladders and tournaments, competing for cash prizes, trophies, and, most importantly, bragging rights. The games are played in various formats, including singles, doubles, and team ladders, reflecting the diverse skill set that Call of Duty requires.

The popularity of Call of Duty in the competitive scene peaked with the establishment of the Call of Duty League (CDL) in 2020. Emulating the structure of traditional North American professional sports leagues, the CDL consists of permanent, city-based teams that compete in a tournament point system. The 2023 Call of Duty League Championship saw the New York Subliners clinch their first-ever victory, defeating the Toronto Ultra in an intense face-off, testament to the game’s relentless competitive spirit.

For those who relish the thrill of battle, crave tactical gameplay, and strive for victory, Call of Duty offers an unrivalled gaming experience. Join the ranks and become a part of this exciting world of action, strategy, and endless possibilities.

Rocket League 

Rocket League revolutionises the sports game genre by introducing an eccentric yet engaging fusion of football and vehicular action. In this thrilling competitive game, players take control of rocket-powered cars to steer a giant ball into the opponent’s goal, all while defending their own. Its straightforward concept, complemented by a high skill ceiling, allows for intense, fast-paced matches that are a spectacle to watch and play.

Despite its seemingly simple premise, Rocket League requires a fine balance of precise control, timing, and teamwork. Players can enhance their cars with various customisations, providing a personal touch to their gameplay experience. The real-time physics system adds a layer of unpredictability to matches, ensuring that no two games are alike. The game’s arena settings also range from standard football-like pitches to more elaborate designs, offering variety and novelty to players.

The game’s standing in the esports world is formidable, with regular tournaments offering a substantial prize pool. These tournaments are globally recognised, drawing in teams from around the world, each battling it out for the top spot in the standings. Moreover, the Rocket League Championship Series, the game’s primary esports competition, boasts a substantial viewership, further solidifying the game’s place in the competitive esports landscape.

This thrilling blend of football and racing makes Rocket League one of the most unique and popular competitive games in 2023. Whether you’re a fan of sports games or looking for a high-octane competitive experience, Rocket League is sure to deliver. Its distinctive blend of strategy, skill, and chaotic fun makes it an essential title in any esports enthusiast’s game library in 2023.


Fortnite stands tall as the ruler of the battle royale game genre. The game is a frenzied mix of survival, exploration, and combat, where 100 players battle it out to be the last one standing. Its vibrant, cartoonish graphics, combined with a diverse array of customisation options and ever-evolving gameplay elements, have transformed Fortnite into a cultural phenomenon.

In addition to the core Battle Royale mode, Fortnite offers various limited-time game modes, adding variety to its gameplay. Players can also team up with friends in Duos or Squads mode, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. The game also integrates a unique building mechanic, where players can construct defensive structures or gain high ground, adding a tactical layer to the fast-paced battles.

Epic Games, the developers behind this behemoth, constantly keep the game world dynamic with regular updates, adding new gameplay mechanics, maps, and hosting competitive tournaments. These tournaments, often featuring big names in gaming and beyond, bring a spotlight to Fortnite’s thriving competitive scene. The Fortnite World Cup, one of the most awaited esports events, offers one of the largest prize pools in the esports industry, drawing top players worldwide.

A key part of Fortnite’s enduring appeal is its extensive collaboration with pop culture. From featuring Marvel superheroes to staging virtual concerts with famous musicians, Fortnite has transcended the realm of gaming, making it a platform for cultural exchange and entertainment. Their dedication to ensuring Fortnite remains fresh and exciting has cemented its position as one of the top esports games in 2023.

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros., published by Nintendo, redefines the fighting game genre with its unique objective of knocking opponents off the stage instead of depleting life bars. Boasting a star-studded roster of characters from various Nintendo franchises, the game delivers diverse and exciting gameplay that caters to both casual players and seasoned fighters.

The game has a deep and nuanced combat system that rewards timing, strategic positioning, and character knowledge. Each character has unique abilities and moves, encouraging players to experiment and find a character that fits their style. Characters are not limited to Nintendo’s repertoire, featuring iconic characters from other gaming franchises like Sonic, Pac-Man, and Solid Snake, making each match a nostalgic treat for gamers.

In 2023, Super Smash Bros. continues to make waves in the esports world with its vibrant competitive scene and high-stakes tournaments. These tournaments showcase the best players worldwide, leading to explosive, edge-of-your-seat showdowns that attract a massive audience. Super Smash Bros. tournaments are known for their lively atmosphere, community spirit, and passionate fan base. The game’s unique approach to fighting mechanics, combined with its colourful, fast-paced gameplay, makes it a standout in the esports gaming landscape.

The game also offers a variety of game modes and settings that can be customised to suit any play session, from casual parties to professional matches. From 1v1 to 8-player free-for-all, item toggles, stage selection, and more, Super Smash Bros. provides a level of versatility that keeps players coming back for more. This adaptability, combined with the game’s nostalgic appeal and exciting gameplay, contributes to its enduring popularity in the esports scene.

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Get in on the action in 2023

In the dynamic and thrilling world of esports, each game brings its own unique flavour, challenge, and entertainment. These aren’t just games—they’re digital arenas that test your reflexes, strategic prowess, teamwork, and the sheer joy of outsmarting opponents.

Whether you’re drawn to the strategic depth of Dota 2 and Starcraft II, the immersive team-based action in Overwatch and Valorant, or the relentless, fast-paced battles in Fortnite and League of Legends, there’s a world waiting for you. For those that prefer the creative spin on classic sports that Rocket League offers or the nostalgia-infused combat in Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter—the possibilities are endless.

These games are more than just pixels on a screen. They’re communities, sports, and in some cases, professions. They’re a testament to how far video gaming has come, now firmly entrenched in mainstream culture and standing tall as a legitimate form of competitive entertainment. The vast array of characters to choose from, the multitude of strategies to master, and the sheer excitement that comes from a well-fought victory make each game a unique experience.

Whether you’re a casual gamer seeking some fun after a long day or an ambitious player aiming for the heights of esports glory, these games offer a thrilling gateway into new worlds and experiences. So, power up your consoles, boot up your PCs, and dive into the electrifying realms these games have to offer. There’s never been a better time to play, compete, and immerse yourself in the exhilarating universe of esports.

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