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5 Tips for making the most of your electricity usage monitor

Home & Lifestyle Blog | MATE | 12 October 2018

An electricity usage monitor is a device that can help you cut back on your electricity bills, as long as you are using it correctly. Knowing which of your devices are extracting the most electricity, and the time of day that is driving up your bills can be a masterstroke for saving money.

Here are some tips for better using your electricity monitor to its full potential.

Get baseline information for your usage

Before you start to make any changes in regards to your energy usage, make sure you take some time to understand your baseline. Without a starting point, it will be impossible to determine whether or not the changes you make have a positive impact on your bill.

Set some goals

Once you have an idea of your current electricity activity, it’s time to understand what it all means and set some goals for improvement. The great thing about an electricity usage monitor is that it can help you analyse where you are using the most energy as well as how you should proceed to save money and reduce wastage.

Take some time to examine your baseline results and set some goals accordingly. It can be an eye-opening experience the first time you read your usage stats, so be prepared to be shocked!

Start by changing one habit at a time

Now that you know your goals, start to make changes to your daily behaviour. The best way to make a sustainable change is to tweak one habit at a time. It’s like dieting, if you try to cut out everything in one go then you are likely to fall apart at the seams. Instead, make incremental changes to your electricity habits and before long you’ll see a significant improvement.

Combine the most effective changes

After you have taken the time to understand what changes make the most impact, combine those changes for the long-term.
Not only will you start to see your electricity bills steadily decrease, but you’ll be helping out the environment too! Focus on the highest impact habit changes for the long-term and you will reap the rewards.

Reevaluate your energy usage over time

Monitoring and improving your energy usage shouldn’t be a once and done thing. You may get new appliances or fall into bad habits over time, so schedule in a quarterly checkpoint to measure your energy behaviour and re-evaluate your habits.

Kickstart your saving goals and environmentally friendly aspirations with an electricity usage monitor. You’ll never go back!