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If you’re looking for home nbn plans with unlimited data, fast download speed and no contract, then you’ll have a long list of potential providers. For home nbn plans that get you connected to the nbn fast and offer the best price and a range of deals if you bundle in a mobile or home phone, it’s hard to look past MATE!

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MATE specialises in home internet connection broadband plans in Australia - if you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere in between, we can offer both adsl and nbn technologies. Why lock yourself into a fixed term service for up to 24 months when MATE’s broadband service provides monthly plans and great deals on cheap nbn with no contract? Whether you choose an nbn 50 plan or an nbn 100 plan, MATE can ensure you’re connected to the nbn on the fastest possible nbn speeds with no fuss.

For home nbn plans, we have designed our unlimited data nbn internet plans to suit all families and households and most connection types, from Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) to Fixed Wireless and everything in between. With MATE you can choose the peak time download speeds on your nbn plan which vary from a basic 10mbps on the basic nbn 12 plan, right up to 83 Mbps on the premium nbn 100 plan.

All of our deals come with a competitive price monthly plan fee and start at just $59 for unlimited nbn. Best of all, there’s a $0 set up fee when you have your own nbn ready modem and no connection fees. If you need an nbn modem with your broadband, we can bundle in a pre-configured “plug and play” modem for just $165. Not yet nbn ready? Relax mate, sign up to one of our unlimited adsl plans and get a free transition to nbn once it’s available in your area. No commitment, no worries.

If you want to keep your home phone or add one of our SIM only mobile plans, then MATE also has you covered. Our nbn bundles let you keep your existing home phone number and port this across to nbn if you want, or you can get a new home phone number. Both options include unlimited calls to local, national and mobile numbers across Australia.

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MATE offers three options for home nbn plans. Don’t get confused with data caps, endless plan options, “speed packs” or any other jargon other telcos might throw at you - we keep it simple around here with no contracts, ever, unlimited data on all plans and no plan change fees.

The best way to choose a home nbn plan is to work out how many people will be using your internet connection, and what each person will be doing. For 1 - 2 mates who will be accessing emails, doing basic web browsing, and updating their social media our good mates nbn 12 plan provides a maximum download speed of up to 12Mbps and typical evening speeds of 10Mbps and this would be more than sufficient.

If there are more users in your household, and the connection will be utilised for music streaming, online gaming and HD video streaming, then you’re best off with our best mates nbn 50 plan - a maximum download speed of up to 50Mbps and a typical evening speeds of 42Mbps will keep everyone’s connected devices flying. Got even more people in the house or want the fastest possible connection? Our soul mates nbn 100 plan is best for 6 mates or more and will cover music streaming, online gaming and even 4K video streaming.

If you have any questions about anything to do with home nbn plans, no contract nbn, nbn technologies, nbn plans, the national broadband network rollout or availability, or you need even more information, don't hesitate to drop us a line and get in touch via one of the methods below:

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