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what you need to know about your switch to nbn™

Unless you’ve been out of the country for some time, chances are you’ve heard about the nbn™.

If you’re an Aussie reading this blog then it is highly likely you are affected by the nbn™ infrastructure project – because it’s a nationwide initiative to improve internet connectivity and performance in every corner of the country.

Still not sure what it is all about?

In this article, we’ll help you understand why the nbn™ is important and what choices you have when it comes to your Internet and phone.

What is the nbn™?

The nbn™ or National Broadband Network is the Australian national Internet and data project. With 88 percent of Australian consumers accessing the Internet regularly, it’s important to have a high speed and reliable network for everyone. This is the biggest infrastructure project anywhere in the world and will provide high-speed Internet access to everyone in Australia, whether you live in major cities or at the tip of Cape York.

Do I have to go with nbn™?

If you already have an Internet Service Provider, you may be wondering if you have to go with nbn™.  The short answer is that changing over is compulsory – at least eventually. The government is set on rolling this new network out everywhere. So, while in the short-term you could happily continue on using your current setup, over the next two years you will be either migrated across or disconnected.

Do I have to do anything to connect to the nbn™?

Once nbn™ is available in your area contact your current internet provider, or move across to a less clingy provider like MATE, and choose an nbn™ plan that suits your  needs.

How will I know if I have nbn™?

You can find out when you’re scheduled to have nbn™ by going here. You should check when you are receiving nbn™ because the times and dates vary.

Is nbn™ just about the internet connection?

nbn™ is more than just the Internet, although the Internet plays a huge role. nbn™ is being installed in homes and businesses and will provide reliable, high-speed communications including telephones, Internet, faxes, alarms, monitoring, POS machines, cable TV, satellite TV, and other forms of communication. If it has to do with sending and receiving information, nbn™ is likely to be involved.

What kind of technology is being used for nbn™?

The technology being used depends on where you live and what makes the most sense to provide the service. This includes fiber optics, fixed wireless, satellite, and cable TV. Read more about the connection types here.

Will someone come to my home to install nbn™?

The answer is “maybe.”  Some installations will require access to people’s homes. But always make certain that the person who comes to your door is indeed an installer and has the proper credentials and identification. Installers will not bill you nor will they ask you for money directly. Alert the police and do not let them in your home if the person does not have proper identification or asks for money to install your nbn™, as they are most likely a criminal.

You may, however, have to upgrade the wiring in your home to have nbn™ work. This is a separate cost, but wouldn’t be sold to you by someone who knocks at your door!

Will my phones and routers work with nbn™?

Your telephone line, old routers/modems and other older devices may not work with nbn™. Some traditional phone handsets won’t work in your home unless you have a wireless phone with a single base station, and multiple handsets.

You may need to purchase a new modem or router – see our choices here.

Have more questions about the nbn™ network and how it affects you? Get in touch with our Aussie-based service team today.