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help us show MATEship to the music industry!

Get a TIDAL music subscription included with selected MATE mobile plans. Simply listen to your favourite Aussie artists on TIDAL to support them with the income they need!

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help us give back to the Aussie music industry

MATE was designed to provide something better for Aussies, in the spirit of Aussie mateship. When we saw how hard many artists were doing due to lockdowns and the cancellation of live performances, we decided we wanted to show the industry a little bit of mateship!


a night in with our mates

Designed to be an intimate event series that directly supports and benefits the artists involved. Each uniquely personal 30-minute gig will be hosted on the MATE website and will be available to all Aussies to watch!

support Aussie artists, listen to TIDAL!

Switch your mobile to MATE and get a TIDAL music streaming service, on us, when you connect an eligible mobile plan!

Listening to Aussies on TIDAL music means money for Australian artists!

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