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can I add a home phone service to my nbn internet?

Yes, for an extra $9 per month on top of your monthly plan fee, you can add an nbn™ phone (VoIP) service as part of your nbn™ connection. You can retain (port) your existing telephone number, provided the number is currently active with another provider, or we can supply you with a new phone number.

Our nbn™ phone (VoIP) service includes unlimited calls to local, national and mobile numbers.

If you have an nbn™ phone (VoIP) service already, we would have emailed you the configuration settings, which would include your nbn phone number and your network password. Unless you have purchased a modem/router from us, you will need to configure your VoIP Device to use this service. You can find the generic MATE VoIP settings below:

SIP Proxy/Registrar Address/Registrar Server/Proxy Server/Outbound Proxy:

SIP Port/Registrar Port/SIP Proxy Port/Outbound Proxy Port/Authentication ID:


Please note that the above settings, along with your phone number and password, are sufficient to configure the majority of VoIP devices on the market. Please note that we do not offer support for configuring BYO VoIP devices.