What is portable wifi and should you get it?

Internet | 22 August 2018

We are all spoiled with having the internet in our lives, every day. The moment it fails to connect is the moment we need it the most.

With a portable wifi router, an affordable internet connection is in the palm of our hands whenever you need it.

What is portable wifi?

Picture a home internet router, but smaller and using a SIM card rather than a cable. This is pretty much what a portable wifi router is.

For anyone who travels, privacy is important. A portable wifi router allows for a private connection from anywhere in the world. Multiple devices can connect with the same ease as at home but with the extra convenience of roaming.

Advantages of portable wifi

  • The palm-sized router is easy to use. If the device has a full charge, all there is left to do is put in the SIM card and the internet is at your fingertips.
  • Reliability is important, especially if travelling for business. Wherever there is an internet network; the portable wifi router will mimic the speed. Keep in mind that not everywhere supports 4G+ connections. The speed will rely on the nearest network.
  • Cost varies depending on your needs. The bells and whistles will cost more than only buying the portable wifi router itself.
  • Internet speeds are a principal feature for most users. Portable wifi routers currently on the market come with 3G, 4G, or 4G+ speeds.
  • The most significant advantage of portable wifi is the freedom to check emails, update Facebook, or even surf the net regardless of where you are.

What makes a portable wifi router a must have?

The need for the internet has become nearly as essential as electricity. You don’t have to travel the world to find a need for a portable wifi hotspot. Students and digital nomads alike have daily internet needs.

Whether for work or pleasure, the ability to access the internet regardless of your location is not just a luxury. Customization allows users to find portable, affordable, and reliable internet when and where they need it.

Free publicly offered wifi is not safe. With portable and private internet, there are no worries of strangers hacking and stealing identities and data. Surfing the net from school or the local coffee shop is safer from one of these devices.

Another great thing about portable wifi routers is that the battery lasts… a really long time. So you’re unlikely to run out at the wrong time.

Today’s world runs at a rapid rate, and internet access is an essential part of that lifestyle. This makes portable wifi a great companion!