How to minimise internet interruption when moving house

Internet | 21 December 2018

If you’re moving house and rely on your internet connection for fun, information, or business, you’ll want to reduce the amount of time you are without it.

But knowing that it must first be disconnected from your current home, and that often, a technician needs to visit your new home to get things up and running again, can cause internet downtime and frustration.

To keep the stress levels low, consider these basic but important tips for minimising internet interruption when moving.

Lock down a moving date in advance

The date you plan to move is the first step because everything else revolves around it, especially when it comes to disconnecting and reconnecting your internet service.
With a firm date selected, you’ll then have the time to make arrangements and set up a reconnection date with your current provider, or in some cases depending on where you are moving, contacting a new service provider.

Keep in mind that your chosen provider may have a backlog of customers, which means the time it takes to have internet installed at your new home could take longer than expected. The sooner you lock in the moving date, the sooner you’ll be able to put plans with your provider into motion.

Check your new address for nbn™ compatibility

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your new address will already be connected to the nbn™. The easiest way to find out if your new address is nbn™ compatible is by checking your address here. Knowing whether or not you need an nbn™ connection will speed up the process and reduce downtime.

Pick a provider (or notify your current provider)

Once you determine if your new address is nbn™ compatible, contact your provider of choice and let them know you are moving, the address of the new home, and the date the move will take place. If you’re working with a new provider, you’ll need time to set up an account, pick a service plan, and take care of any payments or fees.

If you decide to stay with your current provider, contact the company to let them know of the move so they can schedule a disconnect/transfer process of your service. When speaking with a customer representative, let them know if the service you currently have will be the same at the new home or take the opportunity to change plans or add additional services. You will also want to find out if there are any disconnect, transfer, or reconnection fees.

Organise a connection time

Once you’ve contacted your current internet provider or selected a new provider and have completed any paperwork or other requirements, the last step is setting up a connection date and time. As noted, you’ll want to get a confirmed date for service as soon as possible. The longer you wait the longer it may take to get connected.


With an estimated 88 percent of Australians using the internet and multiple internet providers for them to choose from, following these simple steps can save time, energy, and aggravation when moving home so you get your service connected in a timely manner.