Should you get a wifi signal booster?

by | 17 Aug 2018 | Internet

Does your wifi signal tend to drop the moment you go upstairs? Would you love to sit in on the back patio and receive a strong signal? In both cases, a WiFi signal booster may be the answer. 

What is a wifi signal booster?

Not everyone knows what a wifi booster is or how they work. The commercial industry has used wifi boosters and extenders for years because office space is naturally larger. It makes sense that everyday people can now take advantage of a booster’s benefits.

The booster itself starts working the moment it is installed and connected to the router. Any laptop, gaming console, or mobile phone can join when the wifi on the device is activated.

It simply amplifies the current signals you receive. The boost expands coverage for any device that uses your wireless internet network which gives you the freedom to move outside of the average field of range. With a wifi signal booster, a relaxing Spotify session on the patio or a Netflix binge in your bedroom are no longer an issue.

Wifi boosters are easy to install and set up, and can be plugged into a wall outlet, put on a flat surface, or even mounted on a wall, so they don’t take up much space. This means no unnecessary cords or ugly decor!

Their range varies. For instance, most boost your wifi signal by about 300 feet, but there are ones that exist that have an increase of thousands. More range usually means a higher cost, so you’re best to only buy a booster that suits your needs.

Is a wifi signal booster needed?

If your work or home wifi signals are weak or continuously dropping out a wifi booster may be a good option. However, there is a caveat. Sometimes wifi signals are affected by double brick walls or too many devices tapping into the network at once. In these cases, a signal booster may not help you. They are simply an extension of an already established range.

If all you need is that extra few metres of wifi signal so that your kids can play online games in their bedroom, or you can relax in the backyard with a calming Spotify playlist, then a booster could be a good option! They also come in handy if your router is set up in an awkward room or separate to the area where you use the internet the most.


For the most part, a booster is a good choice. They are easy to install and effectively spread the area of signal coverage so everyone in your family can enjoy the internet.

Just be aware that the speed of your internet won’t necessarily be improved with a wifi booster, but it may be, depending on the reason your speed is down.

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