9 Tips to keep your home safe when you travel this holiday season

Home | 28 November 2018

Home burglaries are more common during the holiday season – for a variety of reasons.

For starters, thieves know that Australians are doing their Christmas shopping so there’s likely to be valuables inside of homes. And secondly, the holiday season is also a time when many people leave town to visit with family and friends for extended periods. If wrongdoers know a home is going to be vacant, it makes it that much more of an attractive target.

The good news is that there are various things that you can do to keep your home safe when you’re out of the house this holiday season.

Want to maximise your home security so you can have peace of mind? Here’s how:

1. Stay off social media

Don’t post your vacation plans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media sites. Also, don’t post status updates or photos from your destination once you get there. Many home burglaries occur when thieves know a home is going to be vacant and can more strategically target it. You never know who is seeing your social status updates.

2. Consider a security system

Though this is one of the more high-end safety measures you can take, a functioning security system is proven to be one of the biggest theft detractors.

3. Adopt smart home devices

Chances are you may have received some smart home devices for the holidays, like smart lighting, a smart doorbell or even a smart door lock. These devices don’t just help with convenience and making the house more connected, but they can also serve as anti-theft devices. For instance, you can program smart lights to come on when you’re not home. Smart doorbells can be programmed to detect motion that you can view in real-time and smart locks can also help determine if there’s unusual activity on your property.

4. Ask someone to keep an eye on your home

Have a trusted neighbour? Or is there a friend or family member that you can count on nearby? If so, then make them aware of your plans and kindly ask them to keep an eye on your home.

5. Set up an outdoor motion sensor light

Outdoor motion sensor lights illuminate any time there is motion detected at night. That said, they can be a great theft deterrent. Often times, if a burglar is making a move on your property and is outed by the motion sensor light, they’ll make a run for it rather than risk being detected.

6. Pause your mail and newspapers

You never want it to look like your home is unoccupied. An overflowing mailbox or numerous newspapers on your driveway won’t accomplish that.

7. Don’t put large boxes out for garbage day

So you got that new HDTV? Great! But we’d recommend cutting up the box to recycle or taking the box to a recycling centre to dispose of it. Putting the empty box on the curb is basically advertising what you got for Christmas.

8. Use common sense

More than half of all Australians inadvertently leave home occasionally without locking their doors. Make sure you fall into good habits, as most home burglaries involve entry through unlocked doors or windows.

9. Park a car in the driveway

Even if you have room in the garage, it may be worth it parking your car in the driveway before you leave town. Why? Again, it all comes back to making it look like someone is home – even if nobody is.